Eons ago, some dude, who probably really, really, really liked chocolate had an idea: why waste time EATING cocoa beans and EATING chocolate when there is a much quicker delivery mechanism for your chocolate fix? He was referring of course, to liquid.  Sure liquids compared to food got a bad rep after the TSA stopped letting you take more than 3 oz through security (yet I recently walked through security with a giant box of crackers and 10 granola bars).  But I say TSA, schmee-S-A.  Last I checked, people still love liquids, and a recent survey of my friends shows that 100% of them drink some kind of liquid multiple times a day.

So now we must ask: chocolate lovers, do you prefer your liquid chocolate to be hot or cold?  Yes, it’s the battle of liquid chocolates, chocolate milk vs. hot chocolate.  Whichever you choose, you must drink a glassful (10 oz) of it  EVERY DAY for the rest of your life.  Whichever you don’t choose, you can NEVER drink again.  And yes, your chocolate milk must always be imbibed cold, while your hot chocolate must (duh) always be imbibed while hot/warm.  You can use any kind of hot chocolate mix or recipe you’d like.  You can buy any brand of chocolate milk that you want, but it MUST be actual chocolate milk of the whole or 2% variety, and no drinking a chocolate “beverage” like Yoo-Hoo.

Choose wisely, and share in the comments why you voted the way you did.

Option #1: Drink a glass of chocolate milk everyday, never have hot chocolate again.

Option #2: Drink a glass of hot chocolate everyday, never have chocolate milk again.

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12 Responses

  1. Emily Gee

    Hot chocolate is the secret to long life and happiness… or at least momentary bliss.

  2. BS

    tough one! I gut response was chocolate milk – until I saw you said we have to drink it every day…I fell gross just thinking about that, so I went with HC, which I guess I can imagine replacing my morning coffee…but then again, what about in summer?

  3. Youppi

    i’d take a nice hot coco every night, before I have to start guzzling chocolate milk everyday. plus, think about flavoring. a caramel hot chocolate would be a nice change of pace. strawberry chocolate milk… blarf.

  4. Marilyn

    Hot beverages are more comforting. Plus your photo showed the bonus of mini-marshmallows with the hot chocolate, so that’s my vote.

  5. S. Stijl

    Living in the desert (and planning to for a long while), this was an easy decision for me to make.

    Chocolate Milk in a frosty mug forever!

  6. Sophia

    Well, you could let your hot chocolate go cold, but you can never make you chocolate milk hot!

  7. Shannon

    This one was too easy for me. I haven’t had chocolate milk since I was a child and realized that it upset my stomach. So it would definitely be hot chocolate for me.


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