A couple weeks ago, So Good posted video of news coverage reporting on the opening of Pop Tarts World in Times Square. With NYC coming up on my travel itinerary shortly after its opening, I knew I owed it to So Good readers to pay homage to the breakfast pastries gods by making a visit. Plus, after hearing about all the wacky creations they were making out of Pop Tarts (i.e. sushi) I knew the trip would at least provide me with some interesting/train-wreck food tasting.

I guess I assumed Pop Tarts World would be some sort of magical theme park like attraction with mazes and stuff.  My first thought when entering: “this shit sucks.” It’s basically just one big high-ceiling warehouse with way too much open space and about 5 things to look at. You can get a custom made t-shirt, or buy a pre-made one. Swell. There is also some Pop-Tarts “pop-art” on the walls:

I would also like to point out that the lighting inside Pop-Tarts world is awful, awful, awful. It’s a hideous cross between some overly-hip nightclub and the tunnel of a football stadium. As such, I recognize my pictures are pretty terrible. Fix your lighting people, or no one will be posting photos of their visit on Facebook. Viral fail.  One of the more interesting contraptions they do have is the Pop-Tarts “Varietizer” which allows you to assemble your own custom box of Pop-Tarts with a mixture of different flavors:

All of this nonsense was just a distraction from my main goal: try some crazy-ass Pop-Tarts food creations.  Of all the enticing items on the menu, it was crystal clear to me what I would be ordering, the Pop-Tarts Sushi:

Yep, that’s what it looks like folks.  After a little poking and prodding, So Good determined that the “filling” is ground up Pop Tarts. This filling is then laid out across a fruit roll-up which serves as the seaweed “wrapper.” Everything is then rolled up into a tube and sliced into the shape of traditional sushi rolls.  Yeah, these tasted pretty funky, but they weren’t BAD per se, just really, really weird. There were a good 20-30 other creations I didn’t get to try, so if you are in Times Square, pop-in and try something besides the sushi and report back to So Good on how it was!

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