While on the road in California, I finally got a chance to head up to Napa with a friend to do some wine tastings. Be warned, this post/experience is pretty much ALL. ABOUT. THE. BOOZE. I also got to experience some delicious beer in Berkeley and even some homemade moonshine!

Immediately after arriving in San Francisco I took the train to meet a friend and head up to Napa. First stop, V.Sattui winery, which was celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. Tastings usually cost $5 and include 7 wines.  However, since I was with two people with Coast Guard ID’s we all got the military discount of a free tasting. Plus, once the guy realized I was intending to buy a case of wine (which I did) he was all about letting me try whatever I wanted.  Going in with an empty stomach, I will admit I was prettttttty buzzed after sampling about 16 different wines.  Here I am doing my “I know what I’m doing when I’m sniffing this wine” look:

Next we headed to Chandon winery which specializes in sparkling wines.  There I tried one of the “Perfect Pairings“, three Rose’s accompanied with Ahi Tuna with stone fruit panzanella, smoked mushroom with hazlnuts and asian pear, and a chocolate dipped strawberry:

Upon leaving Napa, I found out that my friends father makes his own moonshine and liquor and he was nothing if not ecstatic to let me try some.  I tasted the moonshine “base” which was 180 proof, yet surprisingly smooth. Next I tasted the 65 proof cantaloupe, mojito and chocolate mojito flavors. Yum! This stuff was smooth, delicious and easy to sip:

After that it was time to take my already drunk ass to Triple Rock Brewery in Berkeley for its Thursday night Monkey Head tradition. This smooth, hoppy, 8% alcohol beer is served only on Thursday’s and only in these 1 liter bottles:

Not surprisingly I was ridiculously hammered by about 10 pm that night. Boozy good times folks, boozy good times.

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