When you think “good” or “high-end” sandwiches, you’re usually envisioning some sort of meat right? An exceptional cut of turkey, brisket, braised pork, glazed ham etc.  The phrase “cheese sandwich”  usually conjures up images of a slovenly bachelor, a really picky-eating 4 year-old or just peeps that are really, really poor (government cheese anyone?)

But this new sandwich isn’t your poor mans cheese sandwich. Chef Martin Blunos has created a cheese sandwich that costs $150, yes, $150.

So what makes the sandwich so expensive? The cheddar is blended with white truffles, it’s dressed with a 100 year-old balsamic vinegar, and in probably the most asinine addition to a sandwich possible, it’s sprinkled with edible gold dust. You know, to help keep you regular. “Nature’s Metamucil” as I call it.

The sandwich is served on a loaf of sourdough dressed with extra virgin olive oil.  It also includes slices of quail’s egg, heirloom black tomato, epicure apple, fresh figs, dainty mustard red frills, pea shoots and red amaranth.  About 3/4 of the cost of the sandwich stems from the white truffle cheese.

While the sandwich is retailing in England for the equivalent of $150 American, the sandwich is, believe it or not, a money loser, with all the ingredients cumulatively costing a tiny bit more than the retail value.

What do you think? Excessive? Delicious? Nutritious? Interesting? Asinine?

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  1. Mike

    When something insanely expensive like this comes about 9/10 times I react by saying that sounds amazing.

    This is the 1/10. I have zero interest in the sandwich, partly because it’s completely conceived as a gimmick for people to say “hey, there is 150 dollars cheese sandwich out there.” And partly because it just doesn’t sound that appetizing. I’ve never had white truffle, and if I never do, I won’t die disappointed.

    You’d think they would at least throw 40 dollar bacon on it.


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