Update: Sethonious has won the grand prize for his mouthwatering description of WeinerWorks.

The two second prizes go to Gregg for really being the only one to offer up a “worst” experience with a hot dog (and an amusing one at that), and to rossitron for most interesting use of condiments.  I just e-mailed you guys to get your addresses to send out the prizes.

As readers of So Good know, Sonic seems to come up more frequently than your average chain here. Whether it is me lamenting its infuriating decision to run national ads while not building stores in my area, noting it is one of the top ten QSR’s by sales revenue or Sonic making the final three of our Fast Food Bracket – it always seems to enter the discussion more than other chains of its size.  Well now Sonic wants to remind So Good readers that they are running out of time to try the new(ish) Sonic footlong quarter pound Chili Cheese Coney. That’s right, this bad boy is only available till August 29th:

While dudes on Coney Island websites argue with themselves and Wikipedia over the “real” definition of a Coney Island dog, other people who love fast food a little too much have taken to YouTube, like this dude who crushes a Coney Dog in his car for a video review, or this lady who proclaims “that’s the one.” Now I have no review of the Coney Dog myself, because Sonic still refuses to build a store in the DC area, but that’s probably for the best, because while I can enjoy a good chili-cheese half-smoke at a ballgame, I generally don’t care much for hot dogs overall. What I am a fan of (usually) is Sonic’s commercials, and the latest ad for the Coney Dog does a great job poking fun at a competitor, Subway:

So if you want to try a Sonic footlong chili-cheese Coney Dog, get your butt to a Sonic soon, because they are available for $2.99 only until August 29th.  But before you do that, I must ask, are you a fattie? Do you eat too much fast food already? Because if so, you might want to check yourself before you wreck yourself: this bad boy clocks in at 810 calories with 53 g of fat and 22 g of saturated fat – more than 100% of your recommended saturated fat allowance for a full day.

And what’s that about baseball tickets and Sonic gift cards you say? That’s right, the folks at Sonic want to hook it up, so here’s what we have to offer:

One Grand Prize:  four (4) tickets to a local MLB/AAA baseball game
(transportation not included) and a $25 MySONIC Gift Card

Two Second Prizes:  A $25 MySONIC Gift Card for two readers to visit their
local SONIC Drive-In

Sweet! In the comments share a fun/horrifying memory about the best/worst/weirdest hot dog you’ve ever had. The best comments/memories, as determined by me, will win the prizes. And don’t write a novel.  Believe it or not I have things to do with my life besides read 9 paragraph comments to my food blog.  You have till Saturday at 9 am EST to leave a comment to enter to win. Have at it peeps.

13 Responses

  1. Sarah

    One time I had the flu. When I finally got hungry again, I found nothing in my fridge except two hot dogs and an egg. I made a hot dog omelet with ketchup. Either I undercooked the egg or I wasn’t over the flu.

  2. red

    i used to have alot of stoner friends who made pizza with hotdogs… it started out with marinara sauce and then they chopped up the hotdogs, put some onions, relish, and some jalapenos on there for a little spice. Then they topped it with chili, shredded cheddar cheese, and coleslaw. The slaw was the good vinegar kind of slaw too, not that sweet kind. It sounds really really weird, but was really good, as long as you use real hot dogs, not the pink ones.

    oh and you would probably enjoy the sonic coney dogs. i’m not a big hotdog fan myself, but those quarter pound all beef coneys are fantastic. they truly are for fatties because i can’t finish a whole one even if i haven’t ate all day.

  3. Jeff

    Best hot dog memories are from Top Dog in Berkeley. As a Cal student, it was not rare to be in line at 3a for a couple dogs. I used to get a hot link and a regular dog and alternate when the hot link got too hot.

  4. Jessica Leigh

    The best hot dog is always from a little diner in a small town in North Carolina. Just about every one I’ve tried from around here is delicious. You have to get them all the way – mayo, mustard, chili, chopped onions, and coleslaw. My favorite versions have a toasted bun. Odell’s in Mount Airy, NC has delicious hot dogs, as well as Snappy Lunch in downtown Mount Airy, NC.
    Some of my best hot dog memories are the ones made around the campfire. I love camping!

  5. Gregg

    Worst hot dog memory:
    My church had a softball team that played in a league with other churches. I had to be about eight years old. One day I went to the snack stand and for some weird reason I ordered a hot dog with only onions. The onions were very, very watery and they slapped them on with all the onion juice. I was a little kid, and too embarrassed to do anything, so I tried to force it down. From then on, I always get them with everything on them, of course that good chili and coleslaw, plus mustard and onions ONLY if they aren’t submerged in onion water.

  6. David Roshinski

    So this one time at band ca… I mean my neighbors house I went to a Portuguese BBQ and I had this odd hotdog, rice, LIMA BEANS, kale, spices, egg, and hot sauce dish in a giant steel pot. Strangely one of the best dishes I have ever had especially with the homemade hot sauce.

  7. rossitron

    Okay, so in college I looooooooved more than anything to get friends together for grilling and beer drinking. At one of these particular get-togethers, I became fairly intoxicated. This was not an uncommon occurrence, but what happened might be a great moment in hot dog history.

    The apartment I was living in was on the second story, and somehow I ended up downstairs below the balcony of my apartment. I had a freshly grilled hot dog nestled in a bun, and I asked my buddy if he could put ketchup and mustard on my hot dog. He was on the balcony above me. So, he proceeded to pour ketchup and mustard from the second story, dropping approximately 15 feet from the bottle to my dog.

    I got a decent amount of ketchup and mustard on my dog, but more ended up on the grass at my feet. The result was maybe the best tasting dog I have ever tasted, mostly because of the genius and work put into creating it.

  8. Madeline

    I dont usually do hot dogs preferring the taste of sausages of other kinds. But my boyfriend on a visit home to michigan dragged me to a local place in his hometown called Pinks. It was there that I got a dollar coney dog that changed my view on my hot dogs and the color of my shirt forever.

  9. Peter

    When I was in high school, there was a place about 3 blocks away from school called the Doghouse. A little tiny joint, you had to sit outside because they had no indoor seating. We would usually go over and sit on the deck next to it. They had some great dogs. I think the perfect dog is boiled, with a steamed bun. Well that’s what these bad boys were like. Real juicy, with a nice soft bun. Me and this one friend of mine would go there probably once a week after school and have a dog and just talk about life. I haven’t seen that friend since high school, but some of my favorite memories of my teen years happened at the Doghouse. Unfortunately, I went back last year and they had new owners and a stupid name, Franks-A-Lot. Seriously? Franks-A-Lot? Anyway, the hot dog sucked. Oh well. By the way, just to rub it in, the footloong chili cheese coney is delicious. $2.99 for all of that dog, with chili all over it…throw in a small tots for $1 and of course, during happy hour (2-4 PM) a large cherry limeade for just $1.05. Deeeelish.

  10. Brandon

    The best hot dog is any with my mom’s chili. Honestly, she’s not the best cook, but she has chili nailed down. Her dad ran a small grocery store while she was a kid, and that’s where she learned it. It’s still legendary in East TN. A Kabool hot dog…

  11. Molly

    Gotta love a hot dog at a baseball game but my favorite hot dog was the one I came up with as a kid. My mom refused to buy white bread including hot dog roll, so I would slice a hot dog lengthwise put it in a had taco shell with cheese and stick it in the microwave until the hot dog was cooked. Sound weird but it’s really good!

    Worst hot dog, Pinks! All 5 of us hated the hot dog and threw them out. We aren’t use to such a tough casing. Waste of money and an hour wait in line.

  12. Sethonious

    The best hot dog experience I have ever had was at a place called Weiner Works in Sacramento. A hot dog is 14 inches and the chili is amazing. When I was in high school someone broke the pot that they had been making the chili in since the place opened and they had a funeral for the pot. Also a the fries are all hand cut real potato fries and a large covers the entire bottom of the tray. You have to order a “tiny” if you are dining by yourself and it is still more than one person can handle. Dogs are rad, chili is great, Fries are awesome, chili chese fries will make you question your existance and to top it all off a pint of beer is 2 bucks all day every day. Best hot dog joint in all the land!


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