The father of one of the great stoner foods of all time, the cheesy doodle, died yesterday at the age of 90. That’s right, friends. Remove your orange fingertips from your bag of cheetohs and stare at them. Morrie Yohai is responsible for those powdery orange fingertips, especially the part that gets stuck under your fingernails for days.

Morrie was a righteous creator, someone who looked at a hunk of extruded cornmeal and said, “You can put cheese on that.” To honor him today, we will ask our readers to decide what is truly the greatest form of cheese doodle.

Option 1: The Crunchy Cheese Doodle

Small and compact, this is a kernel of cheesey goodness. Noted for it’s ability to make it seem like there were more in the bag than Cheese Doodle Puffs. A mobile form of the cheese doodle, until you wipe your hands on your new business slacks.

Option 2: The Puffy Cheese Doodle

These were large, and, well, puffy. I believe the chemical make up of these suckers is 95% air, 5% cheese. What’s amazing is you could eat these like they were nothing but your stomach would know the truth in the morning. And it was an orange truth.

Choose wisely and with reverence, friends.

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  1. Eick

    Ugh. I can’t believe this vote is so close. The puffy ones are nasty, it’s all about the crunch.


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