Good news for inactive, slovenly Americans!  Despite our incredible propensity for fast food consumption, failure to manage portion control and allergic reactions to vegetables and fruits, America is no longer the unhealthiest place on the planet.

The survey of 6,574 Scots found that two-thirds were overweight, two-thirds were physically inactive and more than half had a poor diet.

While a big huzzah should rain down from the rafters, the survey fails to parse the exact margin the Scots health is deteriorating compared to our own obesity rate.  I’m sure it’s close, and then you have to factor in that tiny discrepancy of total population.  We’ll pretend that doesn’t exist.

The article briefly mentions one of the main causes of obesity all over the world, and this article goes from sobering to sad drunk quickly:

People who were poor, had little education, were unemployed or had unskilled jobs were more likely to have more risk factors…

Great.  So, poor people now have the choice to either starve to death from lack of food or eat themselves to death with Double Downs.  Educating folks on the importance of eating well and eating fresh ingredients can never be understated, especially IN THIS ECONOMY.  As more people cut corners to make ends meet, that $1.00 burger seems to sound better to most people than a pear or an apple.  This line of thinking simply has to change.

In the meantime, the rest of the world can momentarily celebrate their not being the King of the Hill regarding obesity.  Hey, let’s pull up a stool at our local internet Scottish pub and drink some buckfast tonic wine and remember….AUGHHH!!!

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