Office Snack Gourmet

While the US economy seems to be on the rebound, many folks are still trying to make their dollars go as far as they can.  How do I know this?  Because that is the only reasonable explanation why people continue to take junk food and turn it into something they call “fancy.”  As first chronicled here, the site Fancy Fast Food takes fast food and tries to turn it into good looking dishes via their “extreme makeovers.”   Their most recent switcheroo: Carlbonade Flamande c/o Carl’s Jr.  Yuck. 

Now, along comes another effort, this time with food you can find in a vending machine, or offices in general.  Called Office Snack Gourmet, the post names “recipes designed to turn even the most disgusting of office snacks into delicious gourmet meals.”  Charming.  How about these delicacies: Twinkie Napoleon?  Truffled Berry Praline Purses?  3 Cheese Chilequiles? (above)  Gag.

Am I off base?  Judge, and test, for yourself.

H/t to Eat Me Daily for the tip.

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  1. Mary

    Though the idea is unappetizing, I’m sure if you put the fancy hors’ doeuves in front of me, I’d eat and have no idea. Very creative!


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