Two classic and delectable snacks come together to create one very hard decision.  You must pit these classic snacks head-to-head and be forced to choose: sacrifice one of them for the rest of your life while continuing to munch on the other uninterrupted.

Sure, you can still have salsa on a burrito, or plain tortilla chips, or crackers with peanut butter etc. But these specific pairings will never be available to you again. I shudder at the thought, as these are clearly my two favorite snacks.  Weigh in with your vote and let us know in the comments your reasoning/preference.

Option #1: Keep the cheese and crackers!

Option #2: Keep the chips and salsa!

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12 Responses

  1. Candace

    Crackers are really just an unnecessary vehicle/filler in getting the cheese to my mouth! I have no problem (and, in fact often prefer) to eat straight pieces of cheese!

    … aaannnddd, now I am craving cheese. Thanks a lot.

  2. DAVE ID

    Salsa is Salsa and we’re done. Cheese on the other hand has thousands upon thousands of variety in both type and taste.

  3. Michael

    Ditto to what DAVE ID said. The varietals of cheese are endless whereas salsa is pretty much the same all around. Call me a fatty, but I’ll also enjoy chips and cheese over chips and salsa any day. Nachos, anyone?

  4. Lia

    This is soooo hard. I live in Wisconsin! But, as long as I could just eat the cheese plain, I would be happy. There is just something so irresistible and guilt-free in salsa and chips.

  5. Raiders757

    Dave is wrong. There are many variations of salsa. some even include cheese.

    Chips and Salsa for the win.

  6. Smartass

    Raiders757 argues that there are many variations of salsa, but these are mysteriously absent from most people’s minds. On the other hand, everybody knows dozens of kinds of cheese to choose from. Why is that? The fact that some salsas may include cheese is just more evidence of cheese’s superiority.

  7. red

    there are many different types of salsa apparently the people who can’t think of them aren’t very cultured cuz i can think of at least ten kinds of salsa. so chips n salsa it is. cheese constipates you…


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