In a new marketing campaign recently seen in Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine and Us Weekly, Gatorade (from the PepsiCo family of products) has begun to take on what it deems as a prime competitor: tap water.  Gatorade’s slogan? “Water has no carbs. Water has no electrolytes. Water has no game.”  Now water may have no game, but unfortunately for Gatorade, is also has no cost. 

Where Gatorade has been brilliant in the past is selling sports drinks to people who start sweating when they walk from their barcalounger to the fridge for the other half of the 6-foot-sub.  Do these people really need electrolyte replacement?  But to now try to convince people that paying for slightly salty favored water for a few bucks a pop is better than what is coming out of the tap for free?  In this economy?*  Come on.  Now I am a fan of Gatorade, as mentioned previously here, but once or twice I have actually ridden a bike or run around town.  And for those pursuits, Gatorade is worthwhile.  The same does not apply to soccer moms, or teens combing the local malls.  The problem is that these consumers spend the real moolah in this country, which is why Gatorade is after them.  However, for them, tap water is not only a sound financial choice, but all their bodies need.  Spewing out scientific mumbo-jumbo will not refute this point.  Good luck taking on tap water Gatorade, you’re going to need it. 

H/T to SBD and Jeremiah McWilliams c/o AJC for the scoop. 
*Sorry I had to drop this one.

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