I consider myself a food evangelist for many products. Items such as Sweet Leaf Tea, Tiff’s Treats, Gatorade, Clif Bars, El Milagro chips, Spicy V8, and many others are often praised and consumed by yours truly. However, I am not such a devotee to said products that under ANY circumstances would I brand them on my body. That said, there are people out there that clearly feel differently than me. Case in point:

Am I too old-fashioned? Isn’t this one of the stupidest things you’ve seen? Yoo-hoo… Seriously??

Thanks to MO for the spot, and Giggle Sugar for the pict.

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  1. Cassie

    Sweet, the only dumber thing I’ve seen is my friend in high school who got a tattoo of a snowboard company that went later went out of business. He probably feels awesome now!

  2. Cubbies

    Its just free branding and marketing for the Company. I’ve seen some sporting tattoos of Coca-Cola, Kahlua and even Tootsie Rolls! The ridiculous-ness is appalling! Not unless… they give you a lifetime supply of the tattooed item… Hmmm… I’d tattoo in Evian, maybe Salt Lake Salt Water Taffy and… Marlboro! Hahaha.. Happy Happy child i’ll be… 🙂

  3. Ms Coca-Cola

    I have a HUGE coca-cola tattoo on my back, and I would do it again. A tattoo is art, regardless of what it is. I understand your stance, but that’s why this is AMERICA!

  4. Erica D

    This is amazing! Truly… I am a YooHoo fan, also a fan of tattoos… Granted I may not ever go this far myself, I do give kudos to those that do!

  5. DJ

    Whoever that is…is freaking awesome! Now THAT is what makes the ‘hoo great, diehard fans! I love it!

  6. CA

    I don’t see it any different than getting a disney character or a band tattoo. Tattoos are a way of expression and maybe yoohoo does it for that person. Maybe it reminds them of their childhood. Either that or they were going for the stupidest tattoo they can think of. You can’t really judge something you don’t know the back round story to.


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