I came from a family of spreaders.  When making peanut butter sandwiches, you unpacked two slices of bread, took the peanut butter out of the cupboard and WHAMMO you have a peanut butter sandwich.  Where I grew up, constructing a PB sandwich was a salve on an otherwise useless day.  Hey, I might not have finished my homework, but I made a great fucking sandwich so LAY OFF.

Was I wrong to assume this was status quo?  Didn’t everyone keep their peanut butter in a dark, cool cabinet?

No moron, you can keep us anywhere!

Turns out there is an army of people who keep their peanut butter in the much cooler confines of their fridge.  This strategy is not without merit.  The peanut butter becomes a solid mass, one that has less of a chance at accruing the dreaded “greasy puddle.”  You know, the greasy puddle that forms when you let your all-natural peanut butter sit around too long that is horrible?  When refrigerated (and most all-natty’s require said cold temperatures) the grease becomes a solid shield of UGHHHH that can scraped away with ease.

Also helping cold PB’s cause-AND THIS IS HUGE-is the idea that your peanut butter becomes a dessert item if kept in the fridge.  That’s huge by anyone’s standards, going in the category of hybrid dessert items like cereal.  And yes, I consider cereal a dessert as well.  You haven’t lived until you’ve consumed Fruit Loops past midnight.  DELICIOUS.  But that’s another post entirely.

What do we think?  Collectively as one unified peanut butter eating mind? Or do we diverge, much like the horrific all natural peanut butter grease that haunts my peanut butter nightmares?

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7 Responses

  1. suicide_blond

    i keep TWO things of pb..
    one in the cupboard..and one in the fridge…
    mostly the one in the cupboard is for tricking the dog into taking her heart worm RX

  2. Corinne

    I keep mine in the fridge, because it’s natural, and seperates really bad. My husband keeps his in the cupboard(Skippy crunchy).

  3. Alex

    in the cupboard! it’s way easier to spread. keeping it cold makes it too hard and mashes my nice soft bread into a pulp.

  4. Comic

    I can’t really answer this because it has entirely to do with what kind of PB I have on hand! If it’s natural, then yeah- the fridge! There is no question. It’s more difficult to do anything with as you have to stir it up but keeping it from being all… melty is a benefit I can’t life without.

    But obviously any non-natural peanut butter doesn’t even need it! So that sticks in the pantry and pulled out whenever.

    I much prefer natural! I can throw it in with some cooled espresso and some cream (maybe some other stuff like sugar) and get a nice treat- this doesn’t work so well with non-natural as you don’t get that lovely peanut taste. But seeing as how I’m not the main consumer of peanut butter in my household, I don’t often get to make that decision ;P

  5. Dmbosstone

    I used to keep PB on the shelf til I went on a run of buying natural peanut butter- now I keep all PB in the fridge. I use it when I make smoothies and cold peanut butter is easier to scoop out and cleanly get into a blender.

  6. nottom

    Cupboard for me. I used to put the natural stuff (when I would get it) in the fridge, but decided I would rather just stir the oil back in each time rather than have peanut butter that tore the bread when trying to spread it.

  7. Peter

    What’s up with comment #7? It’s an exact copy of #2, and the link takes you to some blog that has nothing on it. Same happens with comments #8 and #5.

    The same thing occurs on the “Fast Food Bracket: Final Four Voting” with comments #171 and #166.

    It is also seen on the “Fast Food Bracket: The Final Vote” post with #234 and #230, #229 and #212, AND #226 and #214.

    Some sort of weird spam? Viruses possibly?


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