Update 3: This is absolute madness. It’s now 24 hours since the polls closed, and it appears all the votes have been tallied, and with more than 8,500 votes cast, someway, somehow, we ended up with an exact tie. 4,267 votes for both Sonic and DQ. UNREAL. I’m calling this one. I’m sure all the votes have been tallied at this point, but even if a few somehow trickle in from a slow poll counter, it’s been 24 hours, and this needs to be decided.  We’re in uncharted territory here folks, and I’m not quite sure what to do. A re-match or re-vote? Sure, I could do that, but clearly these guys are evenly matched. In the interest of givng both DQ and Sonic a shot at the title, we’re gonna have to get a little crazy to respond to a crazy situation. Therefore, starting on Monday morning, the final will be a THREE fast food chain vote to determine the champion: Sonic vs. Dairy Queen vs. Wendy’s (who defeated Arby’s 57% – 43%).  Probably a little bit of a raw deal for Wendy’s who now has to face 2 competitors instead of one, but hey, DQ and Sonic have both proven their strength and I’m not sure of any other way to handle this.

Update 2: Voting has been closed since 1 pm, but in the interest of playing it safe and avoiding a 2000 Florida type debacle, I’m going to wait until tomorrow to call this match-up to make sure the overwhelmed polling application is able to tally any lingering votes it may have been delayed on counting.

Update: It appears all the votes have finally been tallied, so I’m calling this one.  Boy was that DQ vs. Sonic match-up close!

  • Dairy Queen (50.01%) defeats Sonic (49.99%) by just 3 votes out of more than 8,000!
  • Wendy’s (57%) defeats Arby’s (43%)

Dairy Queen and Wendy’s will face off for the Fast Food crown with voting to begin on Monday.

Today we begin voting on our Final Four match-ups, to help determine who will face-off in the championship and be crowned the greatest fast food chain in America.

Today’s match-ups: #4 Dairy Queen vs. #3 Sonic and #3 Arby’s vs. #1 Wendy’s.  Click the bracket below to see how we got to where we are today.

Voting will be open until 1 pm FRIDAY. (Update: Readers can vote on the final four match-ups once every 12 hours, so vote early and vote often!)

The championship is taking place next week.  Let us know in the comments who you think should win!

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174 Responses

  1. kirk

    I like the decision. Unique way to decide a vote. Great job to all the sonic faithful that got the vote, dq was killing you guys at one point by almost 20 prcent.

  2. Alan

    Wow, really? Someone can’t complain about the inherently greater difficulty in not making a mess with finely shredded lettuce!? I WANT lettuce on my burger, just not confetti style, thank you!

  3. Alan

    Oh, and Sonic’s ice cream treats are total crap. Everyone I’ve had sucks ass, while the Blizzard just can’t be faded!

  4. Rachel

    We have a ton of Sonics in my area and no DQs so I’m biased on this but Sonic is my favorite fast food place next to Chick-fil-A.

    While the burgers may not be the best, the chicken is always AMAZING. We use real chicken for their “nuggets” instead of grinding whats left of the animal.

    The corn dogs, tator tots, onion rings, and cheese sticks are delicious and at our specific location, we have a crab burger, and it rocks.

    Also, we have the best ice in the fast food world and we sell by the bagful to customers. What other fast food place lets you buy a bag of ice?

  5. Kat

    Sonic cherry limeades!!!
    Food is fine, DQ food about the same.
    It depends what location you are if you get sick…happens with other chains to me.

  6. Judy

    Wendy’s has the best burgers, by far!!! And the frosty makes the fries taste good. The chili is made there from burgers that got damaged. Vote for Wendy’s!!!!

  7. Fritz

    Wendy’s… is too expensive. . . and Dairy Queen, has schizophrenia, you can’t even get burgers and such at most of them, unless they’re a grill or brazier, it’s for softserve fake ice cream.

  8. Jeff

    Wendy’s has the best burgers, by far!!! And the frosty makes the fries taste good. The chili is made there from burgers that got damaged. Vote for Wendy’s!!!!


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