Update 3: This is absolute madness. It’s now 24 hours since the polls closed, and it appears all the votes have been tallied, and with more than 8,500 votes cast, someway, somehow, we ended up with an exact tie. 4,267 votes for both Sonic and DQ. UNREAL. I’m calling this one. I’m sure all the votes have been tallied at this point, but even if a few somehow trickle in from a slow poll counter, it’s been 24 hours, and this needs to be decided.  We’re in uncharted territory here folks, and I’m not quite sure what to do. A re-match or re-vote? Sure, I could do that, but clearly these guys are evenly matched. In the interest of givng both DQ and Sonic a shot at the title, we’re gonna have to get a little crazy to respond to a crazy situation. Therefore, starting on Monday morning, the final will be a THREE fast food chain vote to determine the champion: Sonic vs. Dairy Queen vs. Wendy’s (who defeated Arby’s 57% – 43%).  Probably a little bit of a raw deal for Wendy’s who now has to face 2 competitors instead of one, but hey, DQ and Sonic have both proven their strength and I’m not sure of any other way to handle this.

Update 2: Voting has been closed since 1 pm, but in the interest of playing it safe and avoiding a 2000 Florida type debacle, I’m going to wait until tomorrow to call this match-up to make sure the overwhelmed polling application is able to tally any lingering votes it may have been delayed on counting.

Update: It appears all the votes have finally been tallied, so I’m calling this one.  Boy was that DQ vs. Sonic match-up close!

  • Dairy Queen (50.01%) defeats Sonic (49.99%) by just 3 votes out of more than 8,000!
  • Wendy’s (57%) defeats Arby’s (43%)

Dairy Queen and Wendy’s will face off for the Fast Food crown with voting to begin on Monday.

Today we begin voting on our Final Four match-ups, to help determine who will face-off in the championship and be crowned the greatest fast food chain in America.

Today’s match-ups: #4 Dairy Queen vs. #3 Sonic and #3 Arby’s vs. #1 Wendy’s.  Click the bracket below to see how we got to where we are today.

Voting will be open until 1 pm FRIDAY. (Update: Readers can vote on the final four match-ups once every 12 hours, so vote early and vote often!)

The championship is taking place next week.  Let us know in the comments who you think should win!

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174 Responses

  1. Jessica J.

    SCOTT #29 – What in the world are you talking about? A ton of fast food places put mayo on their burgers. I happen to like mayo on mine, and you do not, and they are both okay, because WHEN YOU ORDER YOU TELL THEM WHAT YOU WANT ON YOUR BURGER!
    Also, my Wendy’s has little packets of Texas Pete hot sauce! What more can you want?

  2. Jessica J.

    I must leave one more comment because I am SO SHOCKED Dairy Queen is beating Sonic right now. I honestly think it’s just because these people have never eaten at a Sonic.

  3. Lindsey H.

    This just blows my mind! I agree with whoever said anyone saying sonic is disqusting with poor service must not have ate real sonic food, that must have been a bad store. Like wendys where i live is the nastiest fast food in town. The sonic i work at in TN is always packed, people driving around the parking lot looking for a stall, we skate every now and then and everyone is soo friendly!

  4. El Kabong

    I don’t understand how it is that so many people like eating shitburgers and drink diarrhea shakes at Dairy Fuck…

  5. Brittany R.


    The last time I went to sonic they left my food sitting and brought it back cold. They can’t beat DQ’s service or their blizzards!

  6. Tonia

    I like both DQ and Sonic for different things. Overall DQ has more variety of things I like. So I have to go with DQ and my son loves going to DQ and getting a chilli cheese dog and blizzard. He’s 7. I do love the drinks at Sonic and I’m glad we have both here.

  7. RSN

    DQ is awesome but never been to a Sonic and there is not one around here that I know of.
    Wendy’s is great. DQ here where I live does not have fast food but I have been to DQS where they have fast food and it was not all that bad.

  8. Jess

    Go DQ!
    I personally have a grudge against Sonic after what they did when they came to my home town in Spokane WA. There was a restaurant called Sonic Burrito, had been in Spokane for 20+ years and Sonic Burgers SUED them to make them change their name. I am super surprised that it’s still hanging in there.. though there is only the one in town. LOL, guess they aren’t doing good enough to open a 2nd one

  9. Lindsey

    Sonic is by far the best! Who can beat the atmosphere or the fountain drinks?

  10. Rickvv

    We’ve had a Sonic in our neighborhood in Minnesota for over a year and I have yet to go. I don’t know what the attraction is. Eat in your car? Drive-In car-hop? Whatever. DQ Blizzards rule.

  11. Cathy

    We recently got a Sonic here in the Chicago suburbs but never went. We were in Texas over spring break and thought we’d have something regional. Yuck. We were all disappointed. We decided we don’t have to check out the local one.

  12. Tat2dHUfan

    Ok by far, Dairy Queen is better than sonic, but my true restuarant of choice, like ever, is Wendys!! I had 2 have my gulbladder removed a few yrs ago, and almost ANY fast food I eat makes me sick. With the exception of Wendys. Their food is so fresh, so good, that I can eat ANYTHING off their menu. I love u wendys!! I hope u win!!

  13. Melinda

    I love Sonic. I am surprised more people don’t like them. Dairy Queen is good, but they’re too expensive. Wendy’s is also wayyy better than Arby’s so I think they deserve to win.

  14. Dan

    If DQ makes it past Sonic, they’re a shoo-in to win. DQ beat McDonald’s — Wendy’s and Arby’s stand no chance.

  15. Fred

    Dairy Queen has the best burgers out of them all, except Arby’s of course sinc ethey don t have burgers. Sonic finally came to our area and I am not impressed at all. they suck compared to DQ or Wendy’s

  16. Tomh

    I’m not a big fan of DQ. I do like Sonic, good chicken strips, love the tots, and it’s about the only fast food place I’ve ever been to that has Sprite Zero in their soda fountain.

    Wendy’s is the hands down winner against Arby’s. I love the Wendy’s fries, and the new Honey BBQ boneless chicken is pretty yummy.

  17. John

    To all of those saying Sonic is gross, you need to go to a better Sonic. I find far more good Sonic locations than good DQ.
    How can you argue with breakfast being served all day?
    Sonic FTW!

  18. John

    To all of those saying Sonic is gross, you need to go to a better Sonic. I find far more good Sonic locations than good DQ.
    How can you argue with breakfast being served all day?
    Sonic has my vote!
    Wendy’s for the other.. Arbys is just ‘meh’, Wendy’s is slightly better than ‘meh’

  19. steve

    This shit was rigged, we need to have a run off with sonic and DQ……It was to close…

  20. priscilla weber

    i grew up in the DQ bussness my grand parents owned one and some of my best memories r in the DQ i hate sonic it id so grose and their food mkes me sick so i vote for DQ . i have to my sint owns one now so its still in the fam

  21. k

    I think this was fixed for dq. Tried multiple times to get on website but it was down. Lots of Sonic faithful experienced the same problem, just as we were making a run. Disappointing cuz Sonic is soooo much better than dq.

  22. kirk

    I agree, a sudden death overtime is needed based on website being down. Also website claimed polls close at noon, but what about sonic or dq fans in california? It was 10am when polls closed.

  23. Eick

    @Kirk – actually the polls closed at 1 pm eastern, so yes, that means they closed at 10 am on the west coast.

    @k – I know, sucks that the website went down for a bit, but that affected both Dairy Queen and Sonic fans.

    This isn’t necessarily over, the polling application seems to still be counting votes that got in right before 1 pm because it got slowed down so much when the site crashed.

  24. steve

    look, this is going to be way to close….so just go ahead and give it to Sonic…….

  25. Sheryl

    It’s got to be Dairy Queen!! Sonic’s ice cream tastes like water-milk! Blecchhh!!! :p

  26. Sandy

    Definitely Dairy Queen! Sonic is overpriced and their service staff is R U D E!

  27. Terrie

    SONIC has way better food than DQ any day. Just looking at DQ’s menu makes my arteries harden.

    Sonic should definitely win this matchup!

  28. steve

    Dairy Queen is the one that SUCKS…Their whole concept is old and stale. The only thing they have going for them is their ice cream. Sonic is the way to go,Sonic has way more locations and Sonic has had huge growth in the past 10 years. DQ, just go away.BITCHES

  29. premium

    Oh my, I just moved away from a DQ Brazier a year ago, where I was hooked! now I often go on a 1 hour journey simply to get their flamethrower, freshly made with juicy and tender meat, I don’t even care about the ice cream, their burgers beat everything else I’ve ever had!

  30. james

    Wow this is messed sonic should have won food at dq is concession stand quality and sonic continues to pump out new idea for food and dessert like the new cheddar pepper supersonic burger which is any burger lovers dream come true and this burger is huge and its less than 5 dollars go anywhere else and a burger like that will cost you an arm and leg so hands down sonic should have won.

  31. Alan

    UGH! Sonic is WAY overrated… overpriced… and most of their stuff is mediocre at best. OH! And thanks for the SHREDDED LETTUCE on my burger that makes such a mess while I’m trying to eat it in my VEHICLE!!

  32. Peter

    this is madness. DQ has decent ice cream but their food is nasty. Sonic has a ton of variety and a lot of it is pretty good. Especially their wide range of drinks. They’ve got something for everyone. I love their happy hour offer, half-price drinks from 2-4 every day. Also DQ has some of the worst service of all time…if there are cars in front of you I hope you brought something to do, ’cause you’re gonna be there a while. And the people are rude and often get your order wrong. Just my 2 cents.

  33. James

    ok whats going on who won now sonic has two more votes and dq is winning by 1? what is going on info please?

  34. Peter

    Alan #145 – THEN DON’T GET LETTUCE ON YOUR FUCKING BURGER. There are pictures on the menu so you can see what’s on it. Although, I’ve always found it interesting why fast food burgers don’t just come plain, and you say what you want on it, like at Five Guys. I mean, who decided that ketchup, mustard, pickles and onions should come on the McDouble, for example?

  35. Gregg

    @Alan- I don’t know how old you are, but you are the ONLY person who has complained here about making a mess on him/herself, and then you went on to blame it on a fast-food company. I would be ashamed to admit that, and I’d be ashamed to share a vote with you. Luckily I don’t . . .

    I’m hoping Sonic pulls this out- DQ has less variety, pricy food, and the quality, as noted by its own voters, is mediocre at best(just read above). Sonic has breakfast all day, their sandwiches and burgers are large and vary in kind, they’ve got some of the best drinks around, their tots are legendary, plus, they’ve got ice cream, shakes and sundaes that are comparable to DQ’s. Not to mention, every DQ I’ve been to has a horrible look and is lightyears away from another one. And, that also seems to resonate among everybody else- obviously, it’s quite an enterprising company . . .

    Unless you have the logic and taste buds of “baby” up there,^ I don’t see how you could justify picking DQ over Sonic. Even though I don’t think Sonic will win over Wendy’s, it should at least beat out DQ, because if it didn’t it’d be almost as abonimable an event as Arby’s making the Final Four (just sayin’ guys, Arby’s is ok, but there are better joints. I haven’t tried their new chicken sandwiches, though, which may redeem them).


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