Update: Voting on these match-ups is now closed.

  • McDonald’s 59% (566 votes) defeats Little Caesar’s  41% (397 votes)
  • Dairy Queen 68% (650 votes) defeats Quizno’s 32% (302 votes)

Following up on the success of last years Meat Madness, on Tuesday So Good unveiled The Fast Food Bracket, a 32-chain tournament to determine who is the top fast food chain in America.  The first round of voting begins today, with a new match-up around noon each weekday.

Click HERE to see a full bracket and read the initial Fast Food Bracket post explaining the seeding and rules.

Today we kick things off with #1 seed McDonald’s vs. #8 seed Little Caesar’s:

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Also being voted on today, #4 seed Dairy Queen vs. #5 seed Quizno’s.

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Voting will be open until noon tomorrow. Who do you think will/should win these first round match-ups?

9 Responses

  1. shatraw

    i like the mcdonald’s got a softball in round 1, because it’s upset time come round 2!

    also, quizno’s is TERRIBLE. vote DQ!

  2. Eick

    @shatraw – hey they are the #1 fast food chain in America by revenue by quite a landslide, so they probably deserve an easy first rounder

  3. Christina Bernice Butler

    I’d probably have voted for Little Caesar’s IF THERE WERE ANY AROUND HERE!! Lol No matter what state I visit, I find McDonald’s and can, 9 times out of 10, find something to eat and enjoy it. I’ve never ever been to a Little Caesar’s.

  4. Tracy

    I’ve filled out my bracket and it comes down to Quizno’s, Sonic, Arby’s and Chick-FilA in the final four. Probably will write in Sonic vs. Chick-Fil-A for the championship, but I just can’t choose a champion! Too hard. Come’On you Quizno’s voters! Don’t make me lose in the first round!

  5. ThrowawayVoting

    People are obviously voting for Little Caesar’s because it ISN’T McDonald’s, to be pompous quasi-“foodies”.

    Little Caesar’s has cheap greasy pizza. That’s about it. McDonald’s offers a lot more, albeit most of it is crap, but it offers more and occasionally you find something good.

    They’re also completely different fast-food joints. As are Dairy Queen and Quiznos. Did anybody think this through at all? Shouldn’t you match up places that are at least VAGUELY SIMILAR?

  6. David

    The current McDonald’s- Little Caesar’s voting results are so tragic, I refuse to take part in the rest of the pool. Clearly everyone on this site is trying to vote for the “anti-McDonalds” instead of voting from their heart. I’ll be damned if someone can look at me with a straight face and say a greasy, flavorless slice of pizza holds a candle to any item on the McDonalds menu, from the breakfast, to the coffee, to the desserts, to the major food categories.

    After last week’s American Idol eliminations and now this, I feel this is a sad, sad day for America. You’re better than this. How dare you.

  7. Chris

    McDonalds is now tied and will not let this upset happen. They are going for the win.

  8. Eick

    @ThrowAway voting – Last year for Meat Madness we did have themed brackest, a red meat bracket, poultry, seafood and pork.

    While I considered pitting sandwich place vs. sandwich place, chicken vs chicken and pizza vs. pizza, I chose not to for two reasons:

    1. What if people think 3 of the 4 best chains in America are chicken places? Or burger places? They shouldn’t have to cannibalize each other in the opening rounds.

    2. In the NCAA tournament they never match-up teams from the same conference in the first round, so I followed that same viewpoint with this seeding.

  9. mdgfive

    i got subway, kfc, dominoes, and dairy queen, with subway and kfc in the final and kfc winning it all


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