Taco Bell has unveiled a new offering which they are calling the  “NBA $5 Buck Box.”  Someone should explain to Taco Bell that the $ symbol represents the word “dollar” so they don’t need to also include the word “buck” in the name.   Think about it, the proper name of this product when said correctly is: “NBA Five Dollar Buck Box.”

Five Dollar Buck. Let me say that again in case you didn’t realize how stupid it sounded the first time:  Five Dollar Buck.

Not only is it asinine and repetitive, it just flat out doesn’t make sense.  Nice work Taco Bell.  Apparently only the best and the brightest make the cut for jobs in Taco Bell’s product naming and copy writing department.

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  1. Mmm, Cheese

    Which is more likely: that Taco Bell’s agency (and its executives who approved this) is populated by morons, or that both are cynically playing down to their target audience? Which is scarier?

  2. Eric

    This is like that store that sells “over a 100 varieties” of whatever the hell it is they sell, soap, I think.

  3. Amy

    What’s more likely is DraftFCB, who I believe is Taco Bell’s agency, focus tested the ad with and without the dollar sign, with and without the word “buck,” and with both, and found out both tested better, grammar be damned.

    Still, shame on DraftFCB and Taco Bell for doing the focus-tested thing rather than the *right* thing.

  4. Rose

    Change one letter in the name and you have an *entirely*different product (one that is illegal in most states).

    I remember back in high school we had a luau. Guess how high school aged boys reacted upon learning the school would give away “free leis”?

    Given Taco Bell’s demographic, maybe this isn’t a coincidence.

  5. Broseidon

    Be aware that what shows up on a receipt is $5, not 5$, so putting $5 Buck Box makes sense to me. Grammatically incorrect? I think not.

  6. Zachary Jacob Zblewski

    Look at it this way: You get 5 items for $5. So each item costs an average of $1 a piece. $5 gets you 5 “Buck” items. Therefore, it is a $5 Buck Box.

    get it?

  7. Eric Parks

    This is wholly depressing. How sad is it, being that Taco Bell is a large and successful corporation, that the ‘editors’ for their merchandise and whatnot can’t even catch such a pronounced error such as this one. It is sad, and I fear the worst for synthetic Mexican food all over. 🙁

  8. Eric

    What is really sad is that you have the time to get online and write this blog about how taco bell markets their products if I didn’t know better I’d say your a consumers advocate or something…..


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