Greetings So Good readers. Eick here, with a post for the first time in a month. Yikes. The craziness of real life has gotten the better of me in the last month, and the result has been devastating for So Good, I admit. But I’m back and excited to be spouting off my thoughts on food.

So this is a new one to me. A burger with butter on it? Hmmmm. I know places that butter, or sometimes even heavily butter the buns they put their burgers on, but putting a big old slab of butter directly onto a burger? Wow. I stumbled across these butter burgers when reading a post on Andrew Sullivan’s blog, featuring a new ad for Miller High Life that prominently features this high-fat treat.

That looks awful and awesomely appealing at the same time. Apparently butter burgers are a Wisconsin favorite, and have been made famous by a place called Culver’s. Check out a review of these burgers from Would I Buy It Again?

Anyone tried one of these bad boys?

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  1. Kristen

    A Culver’s butter burger with a side of cheese curds and their famous frozen custard for dessert is the way to go. The butter isn’t overpowering, it just makes the patty juicier.

  2. wibia

    Thanks for the link and good to see you back.

    You really don’t taste the butter that much, but it just gives is a nice flavor and juiciness. Culver’s is on my nationwide top 5 burger list. Steak N’ Shake just launched a “Wisconsin Style” burger a month ago, basically a butter burger rip off. Butter burgers seem to be pretty popular here in Indiana.

    Btw, love the commercial. I think that High Life has the best marketing campaign…

  3. Jada

    Love Culver’s and butter burgers!! But c’mon, most respectable sit-down (read, not fast food) burger joint puts a good slathering of butter on the inside of there buns and crisp them on the grill before serving. If you’ve never had this you’re missing out, big time : )/

  4. Hans

    If you wanted to time travel and go to Sedalia MO to the Wheel Inn Drive In, you could have gotten a PEANUT BUTTER burger…I tried it, and well, it was just ok.

  5. Hillary

    I’ve had a butter burger from Culver’s before but in all honesty I just thought it was their fun name, I didn’t notice anything special or different about the burger. I do hesitate when ordering them as the name “butter burger” makes me feel like I’m definitely getting a heart attack as opposed to just probably if I keep eating “burgers”.

  6. Mike

    THe Barefoot Contessa recommends putting a pat of butter in the burgers to help keep them moist and the taste is amazing!

  7. ShyGuy

    I’ve never seen such a burger before. I guess they don’t serve these here in Washington state. I will have to give it a try next time I make hamburgers.

  8. Elizabeth Smith Brigham

    If you want another true Midwestern fav…you need to try a Lion’s Choice Roast Beef sandwich. I’m not sure what they put on the buns to make them taste so good, but I crave one quite frequently now that I’m on the west coast.

  9. wendy

    Another born and bred cheesehead here – I had no idea the butter burger was a Wisconsin thing. I only knew that Kopp’s in Milwaukee has amazing, huge hamburgers that indeed have a square of butter thrown right on the burger. Mmmmm….Kopp’s. What I wouldn’t give for one here in Texas.

  10. Rebecca

    I remember in college a group of my guy friends always made butter burgers – they would make two relatively flattened out patties, place a large pat of butter on one and cover it with the other burger.

  11. Andy

    I’m from Wisconsin. Specifically, Sheboygan, which is branded as the “Bratwust Capital of the World”.

    There’s quite a few wonderful local places for a good butterburger (which were around before Culver’s).

    My favorite is Charcoal Inn. Their regular burgers are fine, but where they shine is with the steak sandwiches. They are tenderized steak patties grilled on a charcoal grill, placed on a toasted hard roll lavished with butter. Add onions (depending on how I feel, fried or raw, either is wonderful), pickles and a nice brown mustard, and you are in paradise.

    So hungry for a Super Steak right now. Gah!

  12. B

    I actually had one in an Ohio Culver’s a while back and had forgotten the place’s name until now. Yeah, it was pretty good!

  13. WhateverMickey

    OK where have you guys been – this was a favorite of mine when I was a teenager – 30+ years ago. FrosTop in Little Rock had the best of them and of course back the no one worried about cholestrol or the side effects of too much of some things is not really good for your heart. (Yearn) ohh for the good old days when we could eat without having to think about fat grams.


  14. Britishwoman1

    Hey ShyGuy:
    You can get an Awesome Butter Burger at Heartland Cafe in Seattle! Who said Washington state didn’t do them??? They also have Amazing Comfort food!

  15. Just an old Maui Boy

    I passed through Wisconsin a couple years ago and stopped at Culvers. Saw the Butter Burger on the menu and thought to myself, I may never get another chance, how can I not try it? I went with the double Butter Burger with cheese, and let me tell you, it was awesome! I’ve had some good burgers in my time, and this ranked right up there with the best of them. I’m a big fan, wish we had a Culvers in Georgia.


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