We’ve already covered the Top Ten Fast Food Chains, as well as  #11 – #20, # 21 – #30 and #31 – #40.

These are the final 10 stores on the list of the QSR 50.

Once again, this list is determined by total dollar sales.

  • 41 Jimmy John’s
  • 42 Captain D’s
  • 43 Jason’s Deli
  • 44 Qdoba
  • 45 Jamba Juice
  • 46 Cold Stone Creamery
  • 47 Krystal
  • 48 In-N-Out Burger
  • 49 Einstein/Noah’s Bagels
  • 50 Tim Hortons

This is where it probably gets dicey for some people in terms of knowing these chains.  I’m actually familiar with all of these except for Captain D’s and Jason’s Deli.

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  1. Peggasus

    Jimmy John (lastname) really lives down here in Champaign, IL, where the U of I is.

    And damn, I’m about ready to make a trip to CA just to get an In-N-Out Burger, as much as people rave about them. Are they really THAT good, or is it just like people who don’t live where White Castles are crave them? Because White Castles are fine, but that might just only be when someone goes and picks up a few bags after Friday night bowling or something. Hey, someone should make a movie about that.

  2. LiLu

    Jason’s Deli was in NC- it’s a sandwich place… fine, but nothing to write home about. I’m surprised it made the list!


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