Last week my post about the Top Ten Fast Food Chains got a pretty good response, proving the old axiom “people love top ten lists.”  So I thought I’d follow up be delving a little deeper and look at the next 10 restaurants on the list.  The list is according to total $$ sales, just like the top ten was. The top ten included all the usual suspects (McDonalds, Subway, Wendy’s, Taco Bell etc.) and a surprise for me (Sonic).  Here are the #11 – #20 quick service restaurants:

Any restaurants that are on (or not on) this list that surprise you?

  • 11. Arby’s
  • 12. Jack In The Box
  • 13. Domino’s
  • 14. Chick-fil-A
  • 15. Panera Bread
  • 16. Dairy Queen
  • 17. Papa John’s
  • 18. Hardee’s
  • 19. Quiznos Subs
  • 20. Popeyes
  • 21. Qdoba menu prices

My first thought? Whoever is still going to Arby’s frequently enough to put them at #11 should probably be rounded up and deported.

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  1. joel david

    I’m surprised that Panera Bread is above the Hardee’s/Carls Jr franchise, and that it’s actually considered a real “quick service” joint. Just seems a bit out of place.

  2. Eick

    One thing I should mention is that Carl’s Jr shows up in the 21 – 30 list, meaning clearly they aren’t combining Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr’s sales numbers. I’m guessing it would be top ten if they did.

  3. WIBIA

    Wondering if Qdoba and Chipotle are on this list or too fast casual?

    Re: Arby’s. Sorry, that is me. It is probably in my top 3. It is right by work and they have..Jamocha Shake!

  4. Eick


    Chipotle and Qdoba both qualify. I’ll be working my way through the list with some future posts. Look for Chipotle in the #21 – #30 post and Qdoba later on.

  5. Antonio

    Yay for Jack in the box. Im surprised Quiznos is so low. Maybe if Quiznos stopped short changing people on the sandwich size they would sell a little more. That bullet is so small.

  6. rossitron

    i don’t think quiznos’ product quality can justify the high price and small size. you can easily spend close to ten bucks there for a sandwich that tries to be fancy, but is still fast-food quality. i hate to say it, but the $5 footlong promo really set a standard–that a good-sized lunch can be had for well under ten bucks.


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