We’ve already covered the Top Ten Fast Food Chains, as well as  #11 – #20 and # 21 – #30. Today it’s on to #31 – #40 as we get close to rounding out our top 50.

Once again, this list is determined by total dollar sales.

  • 31 Boston Market
  • 32 Culvers
  • 33 El Pollo Loco
  • 34 Bojangles’
  • 35 Papa Murphy’s
  • 36 CiCi’s Pizza
  • 37 White Castle
  • 38 Del Taco
  • 39 Baskin Robbins
  • 40 Sbarro

It appears with numbers 31 – 40 we’ve entered the land of Chicken and pizza. FOUR chains in a row are all chicken focused, Boston Market, Culvers, El Pollo Loco and Bojangles.  Plus, with Papa Murphy’s, CiCi’s and Sbarro, you add three pizza chains to the list as well.

Sbarro is all the way down at #40 is SHOCKING for me.  I’ve never even heard of Papa Murphy’s or CiCi’s, but Sbarro is in just about every food court I’ve ever been in. Is this a regional thing?

Any chains in this batch of 10 surprise you? Any that STILL haven’t cracked the top 40 that you can’t believe?

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  1. Peggasus

    There are a lot of Papa Murphy’s here in Illinois, I don’t know about the rest of the Midwest. They’re take and bake (at home, that is), and pretty tasty, actually.

  2. Annette

    CiCi’s is in Arizona (and probably elsewhere,of course). It’s a “$3.99 All You Can Eat”-type pizza buffet and pretty dreadful. One visit was more than enough.

  3. Shawn

    Papa Murphy’s is in WI and MN as well, and pretty tasty. They always seem to be boasting one of those “Pizza Chain of the Year” awards every year. Cici’s is an all-you-can eat pizza buffet for $5.99; don’t, under any circumstances, eat at Cici’s. No good can ever come of it.

  4. wouldibuyitagain

    Culvers is pretty popular here in Indiana, it would be in our top 20 for sure. Papa Murphy’s is pretty poplar, I would guess there are 12+ stores here in Indy. Must be a midwest thang…

  5. Jessica J.

    I’m actually surprised that Bojangle’s is this far down on the list! I love their cajun chicken biscuits, dirty rice, and DELICIOUS fries! They also have really good marinated coleslaw.
    Cici’s is really popular here in NC with families and college kids. Well, and anyone wanting lots of food for a cheap price (like me). You can pay 4.99 for a pizza/pasta/salad buffet, complete with delicious desserts. The only problem is that they are sort of hit and miss. I LOVED the Cici’s in Boon, NC when I was going to college, plus, they had all sorts of student discounts. The cici’s in Winston Salem, NC, 30 min, from my home, is not very good and they don’t feature half the pizzas that were on the buffet in Boone. I suppose this has to do with the individuals who own the franchises.
    I would LOVE to eat at White Castle, but I have no idea where to find one. I don’t think they are in North Carolina.

  6. Jessica

    Culvers is the BEST. I think it’s fairly new as a chain restaurant goes. I guess they have chicken on their menu, a little of everything actually but it is NOT famous for it. It’s famous for their Frozen Custard and totally awesome Butterburgers!!! It started in Wisconsin and has mostly branched out to Minnesota the Dakota’s and Illinois as far as I know. Mmmmm Culvers. Definately check it out sometime.

  7. Brian

    Quite a few Papa Murphy’s here in California. I didn’t know they were that big though. Checking the Sbarro website, I see they have a few locations here in the Bay Area. But I haven’t seen one in a long time.


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