For today’s Would You Rather? we take a journey into the world of popular fresh summer foods, that are often eaten at BBQ’s.  Please note that BOTH of these questions apply only to the summer months (May – Sept).

Option #1: You can never eat corn during the summer again.

Corn on the Cob

(Picture via Cake and Kisses)

Option #2: You can never eat watermelon during the summer again.


Please note the stipulations. First, we are only talking about the summer months when both of these are in season.  Also, we are just talking about corn AS corn. I know that corn is in literally everything these days. We are not talking about corn chips or high fructose corn syrup, just good old fashioned corn on the cob or kernels of fresh corn you might see included in a summer salad.  Likewise, you can still eat watermelon flavored Jolly Ranchers if you want, we are just talking about watermelon the actual fruit.

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24 Responses

  1. Skiff

    I gave up corn on the cob a while ago. Usually not that good (unless super-duper fresh) and people – including restaurants – always overcook it.

  2. Bear Silber

    I’d give up the watermelon…there are a lot of other melons that can give you similar experiences whereas corn is unique, don’t know if there’s anything else like it. I love grilled corn….with a little salt…a little pepper.

  3. Hillary

    I voted for eating corn over watermelon. Even though it can be refreshing, I’m not very into watermelon. Now, sweet corn – that’s a different story!

  4. Mike

    I actually can’t stand corn on the cob! It is annoying to eat and is nutritionally dubious. I voted for watermelon!

  5. Eick

    By the way, I’ll keep the corn on the cob. Sometimes, it’s just so, so, so money. Don’t think I’d notice not having watermelon, plenty of other melons.

  6. Lis

    This is way too hard. I’ve been able to answer all the other ones, but these are two of my favorite foods.

    Maybe my mind will change when my baconsalt order gets here and makes corn even better.

  7. Amy

    Easy easy choice.

    Even if you give up watermelon in summer, you can find good watermelons year round, though often they’ll have been shipped long distances.

    Sweet corn, on the other hand, degrades quicker than a new car driving off the lot loses value.

    What is the maximum distance sweet corn should ever travel? From the row behind the house into the already boiling cooking pot.

    How long is the max acceptable between picking sweet corn and dropping ears into that pot? Five minutes, maybe ten. However long it takes to shuck. Shuck quickly!

    Seriously. There’s no way to get good fresh sweet corn outside of its local growing season. Bye bye, watermelon.

  8. Skiff

    FYI – just had some fruit salad. Watermelon is absolutely crucial to a good fruit salad. Suck it corn.

  9. Brian

    I love a good, ripe watermelon. And unless someone wants to pick the corn out of my teeth everytime I eat corn on the cob, I’m sticking with watermelon.

  10. Cary

    @Bear, no more bacon!

    @melon lovers – Wouldn’t you rather have an awesome cob of corn? With melty butter and salt? And, you know, you don’t have to lie to yourselves about corn being so much more fantastic than watermelon?

    Also, never eat corn in the cob in a restaurant. Ever. You MUST buy it a farmer’s market or know when you’re grocery store is re-stocking.


  11. Heather

    There is nothing like a buttery piece of corn on the cob-lightly salted. Watermelon I can do without.

  12. Traci

    HATE watermelon. Thoroughly disgusting. And I absolutely LOVE corn. I can eat it everyday. Besides, I’m not into mixing my fruits into a salad.


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