For today’s Would You Rather? we delve into the world of seasonings and spreads, those magical toppings that can make basic foods taste better.

Option #1: You can never add salt & pepper to your food.

salt and pepper

Option #2: You can never add butter to your food.


Now keep in mind, we are NOT talking about using salt, pepper or butter in recipes, merely the use of them as a post prep/cooking additions.  You can still eat food with these ingredients in the recipe, but, for example, you can never sprinkle salt and pepper on a plate of food at home, or in a restaurant, you can never spread butter on your bread or plop it on top of your mashed potatos etc. etc.

I think it goes without saying that you are NOT allowed to try and take a shortcut on this. “Butter” in this case includes margarine and any other spreadable fat made to be similar to butter.  Likewise, you can’t use “sea salt”, white pepper, or some other shortcut to get around not being able to use salt and pepper.

Which would you choose? Discuss.

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11 Responses

  1. DD

    This one’s a softball. Butter just amplifies the existing taste – with a side helping of guilt – but salt and pepper open up a whole new world of flavor.

  2. Megan

    Olive oil is not made to be like butter. Therefore I would dip my bread in olive oil (with a sprinkle of salt and pepper of course).

  3. Bear Silber

    That’s easy as hell, throw that stick out the window and make butterfly because I’m not even a fan of it….I don’t butter anything but I salt & pepper EVERYTHING!

    No contest. Too easy.

  4. SJK

    When you say, “…any other spreadable fat made to be similar to butter.” Does this include butter flavored shortening?

  5. Kris

    I’ll keep butter please. Salt and pepper can be added while cooking, but how will I butter my bread?

  6. Antonio

    I rarely use butter post cooking. It really isnt good for u. And does include margirine? I can’t believe its not butter lol

  7. KevinB

    Butter isn’t good for you? You think salt IS?! It’s one of the major causes of hypertension and stroke. I don’t find it at all hard to keep under my fat quota for the day, but if I eat anything processed, trying to keep sodium under 1200 mg a day is almost impossible. A Big Mac and fries comes in at 1450 mg alone. A handful of potato chips and a cooked ham sandwich is nearly 1,000. There is so much hidden salt in our diets we get all the sodium we need without ever reaching for the salt shaker. The only time I ever reach for the salt is to salt water for pasta, or when I put steak spice (which is mostly salt) on my steaks.

    But butter – on fresh, warm croissants? On a toasted bagel? Just on a slab of good french bread? And it’s not just the bread groups.

    What about butter on just boiled new potatoes? On the first asparagus of spring? On baby carrots? And especially on just boiled corn on the cob!

    I can live without the salt. I’ll miss the fresh cracked pepper on some dishes. But to give up that unctuous spread for pepper I use once or twice week? Never.

  8. Dusty Sutton

    I’ll go with butter. I want to keep my butter. With butter, you can have your salt too, because they usually put salt in butter.


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