Nah, for this Would You Rather? we aren’t just going to see which you’d rather never eat again, ice cream or burgers. Instead, we’re going to take a look at how much variety counts for you, and with which food you can better handle being limited.

Option #1: You must pick one specific burger, from one specific store or restaurant, and that is the only burger you can ever eat again (you can eat whatever ice cream you want).


Option #2: You must pick one flavor, and one brand of ice cream, and that is the only ice cream you can eat again (you can eat whatever burgers you want).

ice cream cone


– Fro-yo, gelato etc. COUNT in the ice cream category. You aren’t getting out that easy by just saying “oh, no big deal, I’ll just eat fro-yo.”

– You can go crazy with the toppings for either choice – for example, you could select Breyer’s vanilla, but could mound it up with whatever sundae toppings you wish, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, whatever you like.  They can be different toppings each time too.  Likewise, if you selected a Five Guys double cheeseburger as your burger, you can adorn it with whatever toppings you wish, mixing it up each time if you prefer.

– You cannot change your choice, you are stuck with it for life. For example, if you choose Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough because there is a scoop shop down the street from you, but then move to France where they don’t sell it, too bad.

– In addition to voting, in the comments please explain why you made the choice you did, and which burger/ice cream you would choose.

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26 Responses

  1. Skiff

    Whoa, tough one. I went with limiting ice cream (although the brand thing makes it tougher). Give me store bought breyer’s mint chip.

    But mostly – I can’t bear the thought of not being able to eat a cheeseburger anytime I want, from any location. God, I love f-in cheeseburgers.

  2. Bear Silber

    That is really really tough….they’re both amazing…and I don’t really eat either that often so it’s not like I’d be sacrificing whichever way. Hmmmm……I guess I’d pic the specific burger and keep all the yummy ice cream flavors. There are more flavors of ice cream I enjoy then there are really good burgers. They are always making new flavors of ice cream but you can’t make a bad burger better with toppings which you can with ice cream.

    The one burger……ah…I guess an In-N-Out Double Double animal style….either that or a BK Double Western Whooper (not sure if that’s even a sangwich but I like the grilledness of the Whooper and I’m always a fan of Western-style), these of course are of the fast food variety. If I’d pick my own, it’d be a 80/20 patty grilled on my ‘cue, slice of sharp cheddar, grilled onions, fresh tomatoes, sliced onions and avocado on a fluffy potato bun.

  3. Wanda J

    This one’s easy for me; I’m a vegan, so there’s not much of either that I can eat! There’re more choices on the “ice cream” side tho, so I picked only one burger, which would be the Morningstar Grillers Prime, with soy cheese, fresh lettuce & tomato, and just a shake of Season All. As for the ice cream, not only am I a vegan, but I’m lactose intolerant, so it’s definitely tofutti for me, in all its flavors and forms!!

  4. Antonio

    Burgers are like Lays you can’t eat just one.

    Ice Cream for me is not that big of deal I eat it maybe once a year. If i want some variety with ice cream I will have a milkshake. They taste better to me.

    If I had to choose one ice cream it would have to be Green Tea ice cream. I once ate only that for a year straight.

  5. tim

    it has to be ice cream. making ice cream at home is difficult, making a burger is not. so i might as well limit myself on the aspect that i can’t make myself. plus, i think burgers are more ubiquitous than ice cream. and finally, i find myself craving burgers far more than ice cream.

    oh and my ice cream choice would be ben and jerry’s coffee heath bar crunch

  6. Kat

    Burger, no question. There are so many kinds of ice cream out there, and I can make my own if I get bored (it’s not actually that hard if you have the right tools (a Kitchenaid and the ice cream bowl) , whereas burgers require a meat grinder and a grill, and touching raw meat. (ew)
    I’m not even sure what burger I’d pick—probably a Gardenburger, honestly.

  7. jaynie oliver

    Lick’s Nature Burger (a veggie burger here in Canada) is the unwavering burger choice I already eat, and won’t order any other. Already living with it.

    As for scream, some days it’s a chocolate craving, some days it’s vanilla, and some days it’s any of the other 8million flavours out there!

    I’d MUCH rather vary the ice cream, are you kidding me?

  8. Nate

    I choose to only eat In-n-Out Double-Double, Animal style.

    Too many good ice creams out there to limit to one choice.

  9. Jesse

    I like burgers a certain way, but I don’t want to limit myself to just Five Guys, or just Clarkesburger, or just homemade burgers.

    And while homemade ice cream is nice, it can’t compete with a Butterfinger McFlurry.

  10. Raiders757

    I enjoy ice cream far too much to be limited to only one brand and one flavor. I’ll just stick to one burger, and that’ll be the one I make at home on my charcoal grill. Cheese, onions, and lettuce.

  11. Lisa

    This is the easiest question in the world. If I can change the toppings for either the burger or the ice cream every time I eat one why wouldn’t everyone want to limit the burger. As long as you pick a place that offers a really delicious burger you can add cheese, bacon, bbq sauce, onion rings, or whatever your heart desires on that particular day, always making it different. A burger itself is always the same, the only difference is the quality (which in this case you choose at the beginning) and the toppings you add (which you select every time). Ice cream on the other hand is generally appreciated for the flavor itself and not the toppings. Unless you are a person who only likes vanilla, why would you want to limit your ice cream choice when there are hundreds of different flavors to choose from?

  12. mthrisho

    I went with the burger simply because while burgers are good, if I’m not limited topping choices I just need to choose one type of burger that I’d really like and then go wild with toppings if I wanted variety. Personally I’d go with a Five Guys Burger. The thing about ice cream is that toppings are great but you know it really is about the variety of flavors that you can get with ice cream, and combining ice creams with each other to make a really awesome sundae.

  13. Jackie

    Burger absolutely – Snug Burger from Snug Harbor in Grand Haven, MI.

    I could eat that burger every day for the rest of my life and die happy. And I would like the freedom to switch up my ice cream every now and then so having to stick with just one flavor would be sad.

  14. Brett

    Burger, without a doubt. I very rarely eat red meat, anyway, plus I’m allergic to most sauces, so I’m happy with a plain cheeseburger, ketchup and mustard. On the other hand, I love love love frozen yogurt, and would be miserable if I had to live without it

  15. alex

    Five Guys Burgers and Fries

    Everything with extra Jalapeño peppers.
    Five Guys for the win!

  16. Echo710

    This was an easy one for me… I don’t like ice cream. (I know, shocking!)

  17. Eick

    F ice cream. I’ll limit myself to just one (Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia perhaps? so that I can eat burgers whenever I want.

    A) There are a million other desserts
    B) Burgers are an actual substantive meal
    C) Burgers are more delicious
    D) I never eat dessert/sweets
    E) When you are traveling and there is no where to eat, you might want a burger at a rest stop or something

  18. SkippyMom

    I picked the ice cream to limit. I am a one flavor kind of gal and could eat Butter Pecan Ice Cream until the end of time, no substitutions.

    But I like the burgers my husband makes along with a good, greasy burger from a local diner, plus McD’s once in a while – so even with different toppings – I really couldn’t pick one specific burger I could live with forever.

    And as was said above me – there are a million other desserts and I don’t eat a ton of those anyway – I have to have the beef 🙂

  19. Hillary

    I need my burger freedom so I voted for limiting ice cream. I think I consume burgers way more than ice cream (not something I wanted to realize today though – thanks Eick…).

  20. Sammy

    I’d definetly limit the burger. We don’t have the plethora of burger shops the Yanks have here in Aus, so it would just be a hungry jacks (BK) whopper for me. Limiting the ice cream would be impossible as I can never go to the ice cream store without getting two flavours anyway.

  21. Traci

    I just don’t eat hamburgers period. And my favorite flavor of ice cream changes every week. Definitely limit the hamburgers.

  22. bud

    To Wanda J, morningstar griller’s prime (in fact, most morningstar products) aren’t vegan.

  23. Rogan

    I chose to limit the burgers. If I picked one, it would probably be Wendy’s Jr. Value Burger without mayo or onions. Ice cream is just too awesome to limit. If I’m feeling a crave for sweets, I need chocolate. If I’m sad, I need neopolitan. If I want to drown ice cream in toppings, I need vanilla. You get it. I also really like the McDonald’s McDouble without onions and extra pickles.


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