This video was spotted by our friends over at Brightest Young Things, who note about the video:

At first I thought this was a children’s video, but by the end of the first verse I think it’s about actually fucking fast food- as in making sex with fast food, getting turned on by fast food, or using fast food as a sexual enhancer. These performers must be victims of human trafficking because no one would do this if they still had free will.

The name of the group who made this is Fast Food Rockers, the name of the song is simply “The Fast Food Song.”

Fast Food Rockers


According to Wikipedia this was their “hit” song, reaching #2 on the UK pop charts.  They released one album in 2003, which also featured the song “Say Cheese.” The band had broken up by March, 2004.  However, you can still find them on MySpace.

If you are wondering about the giant purple dog, he is their mascot, “Hotdog.”  He appeared in all three of their music videos.  I have no idea why they wear those futuristic pleather outfits.

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  1. Bear Silber

    “I have no idea why they wear those futuristic pleather outfits.” ….because they’re AWESOME, that’s why. If I had access to a wardrobe like this I’d sport it all day!

    I totally remember this song, by the way.

  2. Chainsaw

    The song is about someone who has only eaten fast food their whole life, just discovered sex, and are totally enthralled with how much better cum tastes. They just don’t have better language to express themselves – I’m sure the French could help.


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