Time for another Would You Rather? I’m making an effort to try and have a new one of these each Monday. Given that yesterday was the first official day of summer, I thought we’d take a look at the popularity of two popular summer drinks.

Option #1: You can never drink lemonade again.


Option #2: You can never drink iced tea again.


Which Option Would You Choose?

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13 Responses

  1. justin.shatraw@gmail.com'

    whoops, i think i voted the wrong way.

    lemonade is played. bring on the limes.

    and the sweet tea. none of that mcdonalds shit.

  2. mjskiff@gmail.com'

    My head exploded, because I generally drink Arnold Palmers.

    But, I voted for lemonade, because it goes better w/ booze.

  3. brian7905@aol.com'

    I’m not a big fan of tea, but I chose to keep it. Real lemonade is pretty good, but these days most lemonade is fake and way too sweet.

  4. eicksmoosejunk@huge.biz'

    this is a great WYR. I’m all for keeping Ice Tea. Lemonade is DONE.

    shatraw brings up an interesting question here; so I can still drink Limeade? yes? just not LEMONade?

    this also means no lemonade/pink lemonade flavor candies? or just the drink…

  5. katallen@alum.mit.edu'

    Can’t stand iced tea, with perhaps the exception of a nice mint green. Lemonade, on the other hand, is the best—as long as you keep it real (lemons and sugar) and not corn syrup solids and citric acid.

  6. megmarie412@gmail.com'

    I could never part with sweet tea, especially now that there is sweet tea vodka which is pretty much the best concoction ever.

  7. myndmachine43@gmail.com'

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  8. benbetz0123@gmail.com'

    I reject the premise of this question. I’d ditch the lemonade I guess b/c of the chugar, but I need that combo.

    Sweet tea vodka is the bomb (good call, Meg)… guess that would be one reason to live without the tea tho, since that wouldn’t count…..

  9. dan.jen.robbins@gmail.com'

    Can’t have iced tea without lemonade in it. Ever. It’s against nature. And Gramma Lero. She’d turn over in her grave.


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