Ah, it’s time for another Would You Rather? question, this time comparing two different breakfast options.

Option #1: You can never eat dougnuts again.


Option #2: You can never eat bagels again.


I think this one is pretty straightforward, no explanation need. I’ll be curious to see the results. Please argue your various reasons/points of view in the comments.

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Pictures via Business Week and After Taste by Sherry.

34 Responses

  1. Brian

    What’s up with the poll? Favorite style of pizza?

    I would give up bagels, no question. Maybe it’s because out here in California I’ve never had a bagel I thought was that good.

  2. Bear Silber

    I too live in California without a really good bagel and I too would give them up before doughnuts although I never really eat either. I’m also wondering about the poll 😛

  3. matt

    i used to have bagels every week at work as part of a make friday fun exercise where everyone who wanted to got on a rotating schedule and brought in bagels. That was 8 years ago and I am still not eating bagels…

  4. Drole

    I’d give up doughnuts. I’ve never been big on sweet food in the morning and if I got a craving for something sweet I could have a flavored bagel.

    But I love bagels. So no contest.

  5. Cary

    I worked in a bagel shop making bagel sandwiches for the masses, meaning my breakfasts and sometimes lunches were bagels with all sorts of cheeses and meats in between giant wads of dough.

    Not that I love doughnuts, but I can’t stand the thought of eating bagels again, unless the insides are scooped out. And yes, when you ask someone to scoop out your bagel, YOU ARE A JERK. If you don’t want all the dough in a bagel, go order a freaking breakfast sandwich with bread. Otherwise, don’t be a baby and enjoy the ball of dough sitting in your stomach.

  6. shatraw

    this is weird. i defintely prefer bagels and voted thusly. but all this talk has got me jonesing for a donut.

  7. Youppi

    are we counting Bear Claws as a Donut? are we also including Donut Holes (or Munchins, if you will)?

  8. Zenne

    The last bagel I had was three years ago, and the last bagel before that was probably about ten years, so…I think the choice is obvious!

    Although now I want to try a bagel again. :p

  9. Catherine

    I, as well, am originally from California. However! I’m not a huge fan of doughnuts. I’ll eat one, maybe two, in a year. But after I moved to DC, and my friends from New Jersey and New York kept bringing bagels with them from jaunts home…I would gladly for go my yearly doughnut for some delicious East Coast bagels. (Although, if we had a stand off between bagels and sourdough bread, suck it bagels, sourdough bread San Francisco takes it, every time.)

  10. Ryan

    Keep the bagels…no contest. Doughnuts do nothing for me…well not nothing but I couldn’t give up a good bakery fresh bagel.

  11. BS

    this one is seriously a Sophie’s Choice moment or me…but when it comes down to it, I gotta drop the donuts, because great as they are, they’re a treat, while bagels, clearly, are a breakfast necessity.

  12. gansie @endless simmer

    i cant even believe people would give up the beautifully universal begal for a crappy pastry. think what you can do with a begal. you can top it with everything: cream cheese, eggs, tomato and cheese (pizza begal!), butter, avocado, deli meat, pesto. i mean, come on people.

  13. Molly

    I could easily give up both. While I like both the huge carb and empty calorie load at breakfast prevents me from allowing myself to eat either.

  14. jestergoblin

    Well, for those that grew up with shaped bread that people try to pass off as bagels, I can understand where they’re coming from.

    That said, if you’ve ever had a real bagel the choice is easy. Even Krispy Kreme doesn’t stand a chance against real, fresh bagels from Mr. Bagel!

  15. Miles

    These voting numbers bare a suspicious resemblance to the voting patterns in Iran. I smell election tampering!

  16. Brian

    I agree, Miles. Like Ahmadinejad, I heard Eick announced the winner before the polls closed.

  17. Julie

    wow, I thought this would be a no-brainer, but I’m shocked by these results. Clearly I don’t like in a “real bagel” region. I mean, if you can’t eat bagels anymore, couldn’t you put the same toppings on a piece of toast and call it a day?

  18. Hillary

    While of course the thought of never eating a doughnut again makes me want a doughnut sooo badly, I love bagels too much to give them up. Not to mention, I don’t feel as crappy after eating a bagel as I do after eating a doughnut!

  19. barrett

    this was a tough one. after much deliberation i am prepared to give up bagels. this fatty loves her donuts & sweets too much.

  20. Echo710

    While I like donuts, I wouldn’t really miss them much if I had to go without. But bagels? I would be miserable without them… I *love* bagels. So no question about it; I would give up the donuts without hesitation.

  21. tom

    bagels are so much better. donuts are just not appealing to me. i set my signutare on my phone about how bagels are good. i love them

  22. Jen

    If I want to choke on a mouthful of dense bread dough, I’ll squish my dinner roll into a ball like I did when I was in kindergarten. Bagels can be replaced. Doughnuts? Never. “Doughnut substitute” yields zero results in a Google search, but “bagel substitute?” Oh yes. About 641,000 results.

  23. Traci

    I really don’t know. I think I have to go with keeping the bagels. One of my favorite breakfast foods in a toasted bagel with butter. I don’t even really get to eat doughnuts either.


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