Update: Much like the networks calling Florida for Gore/Bush too early in 2000, So Good called this one too early as well. Even if it ends up on the dunkin donuts happy hour then it would be a-okay. Turns out the online voting only accounts for 30% of the decision, and 70% is determined by the judges in reaction to the “Bake-Off” that the winners do. The REAL winner of the contest is….Toffee For Your Coffee!


Considering that Toffee For Your Coffee wasn’t even in the top 4 for consumer voting (see below) this would seem to be a bit of an upset.  The creator of the winning doughnut, Jeff Hager, must have really wowed the judges in the bake-off.


Orignal Post:

The Dunkin Donut’s menu “Create Dunkin’s Next Donut” contest, which we wrote about previously, has a notice up on their website announcing that voting is closed, and the winner will be announced tomorrow. Considering that the vote percentages are displayed on the website though, this is obviously a done deal.  With 18.1% of the vote, at 11:40 pm June 4th, So Good and our scientific projection system is ready to declare a winner: sm’OREO has defeated Chocolate Monkey, A Nutter One and Tour de France!


So what is a Sm’OREO? It’s a marshmallow-filled donut with chocolate icing topped with OREO® cookie pieces and graham cracker crunch.  No idea when it will be available in stores, but I have to say, as someone who never eats dougnuts, the thought of marshmallow in a doughnut makes me even less likely to do so.

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  1. Brian

    F**k that! I guess a donut wasn’t unhealthy enough. We want one with cookies on top.

  2. Bear Silber

    Well, well, well….I guess rather than rip straight from Voodoo Doughuts (not Donuts….cause theirs have dough in them, not do), they opt to have a customer “come up” with the idea then rip them. Real good DD…well at least they’re better than KK….go get your freakin’ free donuts today…I’ll pay for my doughnuts 😛

  3. MinD

    What’s with the toffee popularity lately? This and Wendy’s new “coffee toffee twisted frosty.” It’s too much. Ha.


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