A couple months ago, Dunkin Donuts sent a bunch of “create your own donut” kits to bloggers to promote their new “Create Dunkin’s Next Donut” contest.  Today the 12 finalists were announced:


You can vote for your favorite new doughnut on the Dunkin Donuts homepage. The page also provides up-to-the minute results showing you which donuts are in the lead. As of right now, sm’OREO is off to an early lead over Chocolate Monkey and A Nutter One.


Click below to read the full descriptions of each of the 12 donuts and weigh in with your thoughts for which donut sounds best.

  • “A Nutter One” – A chocolate butter kreme-filled donut with peanut butter icing and chopped Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups (Carol D’Angio, Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
  • “Bodacious Banana” – A Bananas Foster-filled donut with chocolate icing topped with shredded coconut (Christine Roman, Ellenville, NY)
  • “Chocolate Monkey” – A Bananas Foster-filled donut with chocolate icing topped with Hershey®’s Milk Chocolate shavings (Michelle Ventura, Cranston, RI)
  • “Economic Crunch” – A cake donut with chocolate icing topped with graham cracker crunch and butternut crunch (Michael McNeil, Aliso Viejo, CA)
  • “Frozen Assets” – A chocolate mint Bavarian-filled donut with white icing topped with blue and green sprinkles (Kimberly Brooks, Orlando, FL)
  • “Grandma’s Blueberry Maple Donut” – A blueberry cake donut with maple icing topped with graham cracker crunch (Caitlyn Vandervelde, Coventry, RI)
  • “Mexican Hot Chocolate” – A chocolate cake stick filled with marshmallow and topped with chocolate icing, Hershey®’s Cinnamon shavings and Hershey®’s Vanilla shavings (Jane Boderck, Easton, PA)
  • “Sm’OREO” – A marshmallow-filled donut with chocolate icing topped with OREO® cookie pieces and graham cracker crunch (Laura Sherland, Smithtown, NY)
  • “The Graham Slam” – A marshmallow-filled donut with chocolate icing topped with graham cracker crunch and white sprinkles (Nevrie Dauti, Wayne, NJ)
  • “The King” – A Bananas Foster-filled donut with peanut butter icing and chopped peanuts (James Smith, Mount Vernon, NY)
  • “Toffee For Your Coffee” – A glazed, sour cream cake donut topped with chopped Heath® Bar (Jeff Hager, Hoover, AL)
  • “Tour de France” – A chocolate cake stick with hazelnut kreme glaze (Lindsay Piccotti, Clay, NY)
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12 Responses

  1. brian7905@aol.com'

    The Tour de France sounds good but it looks like a phallic symbol.

    You should check out psycho-donuts.com. They have some interesting creations but they’re pissing off a few people who don’t have a sense of humor with some of them.

  2. johnsonbrian6@gmail.com'

    Too bad that Tim Horton’s doesn’t have a contest like this. They could use some new selection.

  3. cary.a.james@gmail.com'

    Frozen Assets reads as a refreshing doughnut. And no, I never thought I’d refer to a doughnut as “refreshing.

  4. antoniocmoore@gmail.com'

    Economic Crunch sounds really good to me. I don’t want marshmellow in my donut. It is just wrong.

    But the best donut to me is the all time classic old fashioned glazed. not the circle one, but the one that looks like a sombrero. mmmmm

  5. raiders757@yahoo.com'

    ‘The King’ sounds kick arse, so does the ‘Chocolate Monkey’.

  6. lisanne4jesus@yahoo.com'

    “Toffee for my coffee” is my ideal, however I doubt I will ever eat one unless I make it myself!!It is way down in the polls=(

  7. gregjwhalen@aol.com'

    the king would be a perfect compliment to any LBI brunch! the king lives!


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