Fling is the new chocolate bar from Mars. With its pink wrapper and website that opens with the words “Ladies, life is short” there is no secret that this product is being marketed to women as the target audience.  Each Fling “finger” contains only 85 calories, and it is pitched as “naughty…but not that naughty.”


Oh, and not only are the bars called “fingers” but Mars invites you to “pleasure yourself.” I think you can see the direction this is heading in. Check out the first ad below:

After noting a quote from a woman who points out that marketers seem to take the link women have between chocolate and sensuality TOO literally, AdGabber sums up their analysis of the new product by noting:

For the record, confections that invite associations to masturbating aren’t exactly items we’re eager to put in our mouths.

When checking out the Fling website, I was invited to “join” the community. Deciding to take one for the team (my readers) I registered to see what estrogen fueled craziness the site was all about. Sadly it appears they just collected my e-mail in order to make me an early applicant for whatever community they might soon develop.  Too bad. I was hoping the U.S. website was going to be as ridiculous as the site they used when launching the candy bar in New Zealand. There, a website was created where women could “have a fling” with their choice of a foreign billionaire or a bad boy on the run (really ladies? is that how limited your fantasies are? What about the comedian/food blogger/marketing executive fling?).  The site also lets women engage in other hilarious marriage threatening activities such as creating an alibi. All in good fun of course.

There’s actually a YouTube video which shows you the features of this website in New Zealand if you don’t have to be anywhere for two minutes:

Fling is currently available in stores in California and online. Sorry ladies in the other 49 states!

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  1. Penny

    i like it. i haven’t seen these ads before. i first tried it as a free sample being passed out on hollywood blvd a few months back, and the taste was just so interesting the memory of it left me curious for more. if you like twix, than you definitely should give fling chocolate a try–despite all that weird pink packaging that makes the product look more like a 2-pack of of badly-named tampons, the chocolate itself is actually pretty darn good..the crunch is new and different… i just bought a couple right now for a dollar at the grocery store because–get this, my BOYFRIEND really likes it. so this is a mars candy bar? they need to rethink their marketing SOON, before i see these ten for a buck at the local 99 cents store.


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