Click HERE to see the initial post about Meat Madness and full 32 meat bracket.  Click HERE to view a preview of the final four match-ups.

Update: Voting on this match-up is now closed. By a vote of 465 (57%) – 351, (43%), Bacon has defeated Steak to earn the title of the greatest meat.

After watching 32 meats face-off for meat supremacy over the past 6 weeks, we are down to our final vote. Steak vs. Bacon. The winner will be crowned as the single greatest meat there is.


Voting begins today at noon and polls close on Friday at noon.

Here’s a little “Tale of the Tape” about each of the two contenders.

Total votes earned so far (raw #’s):

Steak: 975
Bacon: 1,103

Edge: Bacon

Average margin of victory (%):

Steak: 59%
Bacon: 48%

Edge: Steak

Total comments left on posts of match-ups:

Steak: 37
Bacon: 87

Edge: Bacon

Biggest margin of victory:

Steak: 76% (vs. Roast Beef, Rnd. 1)
Bacon: 80% (vs. Pork Chops, Rnd. 1)

Edge: Bacon

Smallest margin of victory:

Steak: 36% (vs. Crab in Final Four)
Bacon: 20% (vs. Chicken in Final Four)

Edge: Steak

Looks like we’re in for one hell of a final match-up. With voting open for 4 full days, there is plenty of time for either meat to make a run even after falling behind. Will a leader emerge right away? Or will these two titans of meat battle back and forth throughout the week? As always, use the comment section to argue for which meat you think should prevail.

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57 Responses

  1. Bear Silber

    That’s too easy….steak by far. Bacon can not be a meal in matter what arguers will say otherwise. The bacon fad is a fad…”let’s add bacon to something that should never have bacon in it….now that’s genius”…not a fan.

    Steak has been and will be going strong for ages.

    Bacon wins for the most overhyped meat ever, chicken should not have lost to it.

  2. Julia

    I agree that steak should be the winner. And if you eat a bacon wrapped steak you can have the best of both worlds…

  3. Heather

    Steak is a special treat. Bacon is an every day meat that everyone can relate to. And oh, by the way, 3500+ years of bacon is not a “fad”. It’s the best meat ever!

  4. rossitron

    steak ALL THE WAY!!!!

    bacon makes me drool. steak makes me euphoric.

    no contest.

  5. Kat

    But I don’t even *like* bacon. My husband and I stopped being vegetarian because of the siren song of a very tasty steak dinner, one night when the greek place we’d been planning to go to was closed…

  6. Baconinja

    Bacon’s versatility far outshines that of steak. Steak does taste good, yes… but the question here is what is the greatest meat period … BACON!

  7. Bob K

    Bacon might get all the attention but once you get past the (utterly delicious) flavor there’s nothing there. Bacon’s usual place in recipes is as a condiment: “bacon wrapped _____”, “_____ with bacon”, etc. that could easily be made without bacon.

    Where are the “bacon with _____” recipes?

  8. Zenne


    Bacon lovers shouldn’t be allowed to vote if their only steak experiences come from questionable chain restaurants and their mom’s pan-dried sirloin. 😉

  9. BaconQueen

    To tell the truth, in a restaurant that does it right, with a decent wine list, I will order a steak every time over a plate of bacon.

    That said, I love bacon. I’ll keep reading comments and vote in a couple of days. I feel a possible betrayal coming on.

  10. Cebca

    Like Kat above, I was wooed away from vegetarianism by the lure of a tasty steak. I have never had bacon and have never been tempted. Also, while I will give pointa to bacon for versatility, you have to respect the fact that steak is a meal centerpiece, bacon merely a glorified condiment/side dish/garnish. Steak is the king, bacon the court jester.

  11. Mr. Baconpants


    If you don’t vote Bacon you will be Exiled! 😉

    I would eat a plate of bacon over a steak any day. Steak is just another condiment to me.

    Enjoy Bacon!

  12. rossitron

    name one thing “cool” to do in 2009:

    1. have a bacon blog

    okay, so maybe i’m elitist and undemocratic, but i don’t want casual reader of some trendy bacon blog coming over here on a link that they think is funny, thereby manipulating the results of meat madness, which is probably the most serious event to happen in my lifetime.

    there, i said it. my vote is worth more than yours and i don’t want you effing this up.

    sure, we may be equal, but i’m more equal.

    steak wins. hands down. if bacon wins, i’ll herald in the apocolypse with open arms because we are not worthy. this will seriously bring teh internet bad karma and i predict that all cows will keel over and die. we will no longer have the privilege of eating the most delicious of meat.

    you guys can go hang out with your good friend hypertension. i’m going to eat a steak. (yeah, steak is healthier than bacon, if only marginally)

    /rant is only half serious

  13. Michael

    oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccccoooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  14. lynnnj

    Steak over bacon. I love bacon; the crisp fattiness is to – literally- die for. And it adds flavor, condimentally, to stuff. But steak, and chicken before it, have infinite variety – and, importantly, can also provide crisp, decadent fattiness. The crackling skin of a roasted chicken; the melting crusty deliciousness of the edge of a prime porterhouse.

  15. Steve

    Although I’ve been a vegetarian for sometime (but not very serious one), I’ve decided I’m going to eat whichever meat wins this tournament.

    But seriously… bacon??? Tofu slathered with crisco and liquid smoke could taste the same. Where’s the beef? Fajitas with skirt steak! Cowboy ribeye! Wagyu with anything! (although right now bacon wrapped dates sound really good too)

  16. Jason

    1 lb of bacon…$3
    1 large capacity deep fryer…$120
    about 2 minutes of bacon flavored steam…$free

    perfectly cooked BACON, priceless

    Anything deep fried is awesome. When was the last time you deep fried a steak?

  17. John Burgess

    Those who believe bacon cannot be the main feature of a dinner are limited to American dining establishments. Bacon can and indeed does form the centerpiece in German, Scandinavian, Hungarian, Polish, and even some British dishes–just try Gary Rhodes ‘Bacon Confit’!

    Steak is for prisses, I’m afraid, or maybe just people without access to good bacon!

  18. Youppi

    Steak must win.

    What is my personal favorite? Bacon. But what is the greatest meat? It’s gotta be steak.

    Let’s say you’re on Family Fued and Louie Anderson asks: “Name a Meat”, who is not going to say ‘Steak’ first? Cows are superior to Pigs, Steak is superior to Bacon.

  19. rossitron

    i’d like to kick bacon in the nuts.

    “all of you who chose steak, it’s because you don’t have access to good bacon, duh duh duh… i’m an idiot…”

    i think you don’t have access to good steak. steak is sublime. you’re not worthy.

  20. Archbishop Superbishy

    Dearly Beloved

    We are gathered here today to witness a battle between two great cultures: that of steak, and that of bacon

    Speaking as a man of the clergy, I feel there needs to be sense brought to this war. As a meat eater, I know the true value of both meats

    However, this must be a fair fight. We wouldn’t put a superlightweight in against a superheavyweight boxer

    We should be comparing a wafer thin slice of steak against a slice of bacon, in line with the Marquis of Queensbury rules for boxing

    Can anyone seriously claim a wafer thin slice of steak is as intensely delicious and delightful as bacon?

    Can anyone compare the versatility of the lumbering, plodding steak, with the all-things-to-all-men nature of bacon?

    Bretheren: don’t allow the bulky bully to attack the poor defenceless strip of bacon. Unite, and stand up to protect this honourable meat of the common man from the aggressor

    Thus endeth the sermon


  21. Kelly

    You have to look at it this way: Bacon is always good. A nice rare piece of Filet Mignon is reaaalllly good, but Steak also includes tough, well-done steak that you can’t even chew through as well.

    I’ve never had a bad piece of bacon in my entire life. Crispy overcooked bacon is good and meaty, fatty undercooked bacon is good. Wrapping foods in bacon makes them better and as Jim Gaffigan said, “Bacon bits are like the fairy dust of the food community.”

    Would I order a plate of bacon over a steak at a fancy restaurant? No, of course not. That’s not because of taste though. I have good bacon available to me all the time but I don’t have the opportunity to eat a nice, perfectly-cooked steak everyday.

    Go bacon!

  22. Antonio

    You bacon people make me sick!

    Lets be real you know damn well bacon is not better than steak. It is no fun to vote when you have people that start blogs or post things on Bacon blogs to come vote for bacon.

    You cook some damn bacon for a girl on a date and see if you have another one.

  23. Mr. Baconpants


    I did just that and we lived happily ever after. I also know a couple that meet at last years Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival (2008) and are now planing to get married.

    Bacon is the food of love.

  24. Cary


    Head for the hills bacon, because you’re about to become the Lindsay Lohan of meats!

  25. Chocolatesa

    If you would have cooked bacon for me on our first date back when I was single my heart was yours!

  26. Raiders757

    I love bacon, but if it wins, it’s only because of the bacon blog fans.

    Trust me, I crave the salty, smoky goodness of bacon cooked in my cast iron skillet, but there is no way I would pass it up for a really good steak.

    Also, to make it really clear, I do have access to great bacon. Living in Virginia makes that very possible to do so. You can get some damn good bacon where I live, or even make your own.

    Still if it wins, it’s only by default.

  27. rossitron

    alright, if bacon hadn’t jumped the shark already… the presence of bacon blogs in meat madness certainly did it for me.


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