Click HERE to see the initial post about Meat Madness and full 32 meat bracket.  Click HERE to view a preview of the final four match-ups.

Update: Voting on this match-up is now closed. By a vote of 465 (57%) – 351, (43%), Bacon has defeated Steak to earn the title of the greatest meat.

After watching 32 meats face-off for meat supremacy over the past 6 weeks, we are down to our final vote. Steak vs. Bacon. The winner will be crowned as the single greatest meat there is.


Voting begins today at noon and polls close on Friday at noon.

Here’s a little “Tale of the Tape” about each of the two contenders.

Total votes earned so far (raw #’s):

Steak: 975
Bacon: 1,103

Edge: Bacon

Average margin of victory (%):

Steak: 59%
Bacon: 48%

Edge: Steak

Total comments left on posts of match-ups:

Steak: 37
Bacon: 87

Edge: Bacon

Biggest margin of victory:

Steak: 76% (vs. Roast Beef, Rnd. 1)
Bacon: 80% (vs. Pork Chops, Rnd. 1)

Edge: Bacon

Smallest margin of victory:

Steak: 36% (vs. Crab in Final Four)
Bacon: 20% (vs. Chicken in Final Four)

Edge: Steak

Looks like we’re in for one hell of a final match-up. With voting open for 4 full days, there is plenty of time for either meat to make a run even after falling behind. Will a leader emerge right away? Or will these two titans of meat battle back and forth throughout the week? As always, use the comment section to argue for which meat you think should prevail.

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57 Responses

  1. Archbishop Superbishy

    I’m at a loss to understand the hostility to bacon here, or anger at the fact that the people who like it are organised to vote in this forum

    What have the steak supporters got to hide?

    Doesn’t the fact their preference isn’t supported with such dedication as bacon tell them anything?

    Bacon has led throughout the voting, which is just straight democracy. You may not like the result, but don’t knock the process, and once the porky victor has been declared, I trust we’ll all reunite as meat lovers and get behind the result


  2. Miles

    Steak….I know we can do this. If Bacon fights dirty , we have to as well. Gather the troops and let’s win this one!

    Juicy, hot, carnal steak. If Pan, the goat-god of mischief had to choose between sinking his teeth into a strip of salted fat, or an adrenaline filled high-quality steak…you know which he’d choose.

  3. Archbishop Superbishy

    Miles: I think you’re just dividing meat lover against meat lover. Make sandwiches, not war

    Remember we have to get on with each other peaceably after this vote on the planet of meat. I’m sure the President of our Bacon Nation will want to maintain excellent diplomatic relations with the Steak Republic, and any breaches of the Geneva convention must be answered

    No fighting dirty: just a straight clean contest, I beg of you, for the sake of mankind. Whilst I appreciate and recognise your comments regarding goat-gods, I’m not sure any will be registered to vote on the SoGood electoral roll?

    Peace be upon you all

  4. Alexis

    Bacon all the way. I would not be alive were it not for this succulent meat source.

    It should also be noted that steak is a genre, not a specific meat. It’s all in the cut. I mean, I hate cube, chuck, and flat iron steaks, but I loves me a filet, sirloin, or a good ol’ KC strip steak.

    That being said….
    GO BACON!!!

  5. Skiff

    This is a little disappointing, but not surprising.

    I like bacon and its a great accompaniment, but steak is the truth.


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