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Update: Voting on this match-up is now closed. Steak easily defeats Lamb with 77% of the vote to win the Red Meat region and head into the Final Four.

It begins. The early rounds are behind us, and as the real March Madness goes to its final game tonight, we head into Elite 8 week here at So Good.  Each day this week, the winners of the Red Meat, Poultry, Seafood and Pork regions will be crowned. Today we begin in the Red Meat region, where #1 Steak takes on #2 Lamb. Check out my Elite 8 preview for a schedule of this weeks match-ups.

Voting will be open until noon tomorrow.  Please use the comment section to argue for the meat you think should prevail and why.


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4 Responses

  1. matt

    Steak is so boring. Day after Day. You can grill it, put some pepper on it, wrap it in bacon (isn’t that an illegal operation?), even drown it in A1, but you still have steak, and unless it is the best cooked expertly, you can have gristle spotted with uneven leather.

    Go exotic! Go Lamb.

  2. rossitron

    lamb is good. steak might be ubiquitous, but it is not boring. alright, lamb is great. steak is great, too. steak is a meat that doesn’t need to be an internet meme for it to be popular, like bacon. steak is wildly versatile. steak can be found in every type of cuisine (except veggie). you can sub steak in for other meats (tacos, chili, gyros, kebab, stir fry, sandwiches etc…) and do so successfully. lamb you could probably do the same, sure.

    even if i ate steak day after day, if i have a good cut and some fire, it is going to please me… day after day after day.

    this is a tough choice, but i think steak wins. it’s hard to vote against steak. my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  3. Hillary

    Lamb is tasty and all but steak reigns supreme. I’m going to predict steak will beat out the rest of the competition too!


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