A little over a month ago, a NY Times story reported that due to consumer backlash, Tropicana was scrapping their new packaging/logo and returning to their classic packaging.  At the time, the Tropicana website was still hawking the new packaging under the slogan “New fresh carton, Same great taste.”


But then something weird happened.  The Tropicana website CONTINUED to promote the new packaging. For weeks. Odd huh? The NY Times story announcing the change back to the old labels came out February 23rd, but the Tropicana website kept promoting the new packaging for a full month, only finally getting re-designed this week.  The re-designed website looks great:


Still, it’s odd that a company would make such a big media splash announcing the change back to their classic cartons, only to allow their website to keep promoting a label/packaging they had  publicly disavowed. Did they not feel comfortable going back to their old website design or throwing up a quick-fix graphic showing the old logos? Why no announcement on the website about the switch back to the classic packaging?

So is the Tropicana transition back to the old labels complete now that the website has finally been updated? Not exactly.  The website is currently advertising Tropicana’s new “Trop 50”, which features half the calories of normal orange juice.  The Trop 50 packaging being advertised on the website looks suspiciously like the new (now old) packaging that Tropicana announced they were switching away from:


Odd. Tropicana’s new (now old) packaging just won’t die!

Disclaimer:  Although I personally have no involvement in any Tropicana related campaign, they are a client of the company I work for.

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  1. Russ

    Trop50 has to be the dumbest product I’ve seen in a while. If you notice, to get the 50% reduction in calories, they replaced more that 50% of the juice with sugar water. WTF? Since when was drinking orange juice unhealthy?

    Also, I buy Tropicana because it tastes the best. They could put tubgirl on the carton for all I care (ok maybe not tubgirl, but you get the idea).


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