So Good was the subject of this weeks Washingtonian Blogger Beat series.  The article features a brief profile/history of my background and how So Good started. It also features a fairly extended interview in which Washingtonian asks me a bunch of questions about food, food marketing and the Washington, DC food scene.


The article also features a photo of me taking a giant bite out of my favorite sandwich in the DC area.  I actually love the photo, it turned out really cool.  But one disclaimer – ladies, I assure you, my hands don’t normally look like those of a 60 year-old man, and I’m not normally furling my brow with such tenacity.  Hey, you try and look cool while biting into a giant sandwich – very hard to do.  So check it out here: The Blogger Beat: So Good

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  1. shatraw


    do you mean “is it weird that you look exactly as handsome as I’d always imagined?”

    because that’s eick. handsome and eating.


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