Deadspin has a new post up this afternoon titled March Madness Devolves Into All-Out Meat Blogging War.

The post reports on something I have already touched on here – the fact that ESPN Page 2 columnist Paul Lukas posted a column featuring a meat bracket a week after So Good had already launched our Meat Madness tournament.  The Deadspin post features a quote from Lukas in which he calls for a battle of the brackets:

What we need, clearly, is a bracket of meat brackets, so MY meat bracket can face off against (and, of course, defeat) HIS meat bracket, along with the several others floating around out there.

First of all, a bracket of brackets is the most asinine suggestion ever. I think that idea should be the #1 seed in a bracket for the  “Worst Idea Ever” tournament.  Look, I know he had 64 meats and I had 32. Plus he went all weird and had chicken tails in the final four.  But even if my bracket were to face off against his bracket, there is no debate which is better.

Even if my Meat Madness tournament had only 8 meats it would be superior.  Why? Lukas wrote a column in which he told you, on the spot, which meat he picked in each match up. In the three minutes it takes you to read the column, you knew the seeds, who had won and who had lost. Sure, if you like your debates wrapped up in a neat tidy bow after 3 minutes then it was great, but there was no suspense and no audience participation.

So Good’s Meat Madness is an ongoing contest determined by you, the people. Sure I could have run through a bracket and told you what I think, but it’s much more fun to see what consensus opinion emerges on each meat in question.

While it was amusing to see Deadspin pick up the story, the thing to remember is Lukas’s meat tournament ended the moment you finished his column, while So Good’s Meat Madness will continue for the next few weeks.

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  1. rossitron


    actually, i was going to leave a comment on lukas’ blog entry, but didn’t want to sign up for an espn account. in that comment, though, i was going to mention the same thing about meat madness really being about competition in the form of reader input.

    this particular topic (meat madness) is about the competition of meats, not ONE person’s opinion. there has to be something more to it than just one person deciding which meat is best, even if it involves a bracket format.

    i think its clear that sogood’s meat madness beats out lukas’ in both concept and execution. i want to make a joke about beating his meat bracket, but i’ll refrain.

  2. shatraw

    you’ll be happy to know that i’ve been emailing paul lukas for the last day, telling him how much of a pathetic idea thief he is. he just retorts with really smug shit like “stop! that tickles!”

    i’m not sure i’ve ever hated someone i don’t know as much as i hate him. maybe i’ll start a facebook group…

  3. Paul Lukas is a Douche

    Shatraw, if you ever go on his Uniwatch blog, you will never find a bigger bunch of sycophants and losers who worship the ground he walks on. It really is pathetic. And ever since he got that joke of a gig with it’s funny to see him namedropping like he’s one of the boys. But on to my point: your “interaction” with him and his smugness is nothing new. It’s all fun and games when someone slurps him but the second that you say something he doesn’t like, he deletes your comment and then threatens to ban you from commenting on his blog. Case in point; in his Super Bowl review, he made a crack about Brenda Warner’s looks, and even the diehard Lukas munchers took him to task for it. He started with the smug replies, until someone pointed out that neither he nor his wildebeeest of a girlfriend are anything to look at, at which point he declared that the Brenda Warner bit was done and over with. Guess he didn’t like it when someone comments on HIS woman’s looks (and I use “woman” in the loosest possible sense of the word). Lukas is the living embodiment of someone who can dish it out but can’t take it.

  4. Skiff

    I haven’t really weighed in on Paul “Embarassment to Mets Fans” Lukas’s bracket yet: its annoying.

    First, he picked the meats in the bracket, and 64 was certainly a stretch given some of the crap he included (I love a slim jim as much as the next guy, but really?!?!).

    THEN, he went about choosing the matchups. WHATS THE POINT? Just write 1000 words about why you love bacon and be done with it.

    And shouldn’t the bracket chalk its way to the finish because he both seeded AND picked the matchups? Wouldn’ t the same factors that led to T-Bone getting seeded 3rd and Ground Chuck (nice specification even though no other ground beef choices made the cut, no room – had to have slim jims) seeded 14th mean that T-Bone wins? Nope, of course not.

  5. shatraw

    yeah, i’m over it. yesterday was one of the weirder, most stressful days in my life (thank you left/right productions), so this whole copying my friends blog stuff hit at the right time for me to flip shit. i wanted any blood. his was in the water.

    he’s still a dick with a boring website.

  6. Paul Lukas is a Douche

    Shatraw, you’d be pleased to know that the ass-kissers on Lukas’ worthless site continue to throw barbs at So Good and its readers. “Nutcases” has been the description of choice. Another classic one was “special breed”, as in, “those people at So Good are a special breed”. As if a bunch of virgins who live in mom’s basement posting comments about uniforms are NOT a “special breed”. Stones and glass houses. In any case, someone actually pointed out to the unwashed masses at Uniwatch that THEY’RE always the first ones to claim that another site is a Uniwatch ripoff whenever it does a uniform-based article, yet have no problem goofing on So Good and Eick when he states (factually and correctly) that his website had a meat bracket the week before the hack posted his on Much like their god, Lukas’ followers have no problems dishing it out, but taking it is another matter entirely….


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