Breaking news just coming in over the “wire”, and of course by “wire”, I mean DCist and Raw Fisher. What’s the breaking news? My beloved Washington Nationals have announced the local food vendors who will have stands at their new stadium. The biggest name on the list, DC institution Ben’s Chili Bowl:


For those of you not from Washington, DC, let me just say, this is a HUGE deal.

Unlike the DC based Five Guys, which is currently trying to open a branch in every two-car garage in America, Ben’s Chili Bowl has NEVER had a second location. Never. Since 1958 they’ve been cranking out insanely popular half-smokes and chili cheese fries, but never once expanded. So needless to say, the opening of a second location at the new Nationals Park is big news.

Other food vendors that will be appearing at the stadium include Boardwalk Fries and Gifford’s Ice Cream. Clarendon establishment Hard Times Cafe will serve chili, chili mac and chicken wings. Red, Hot & Blue, Mayorga Coffee, Noah’s Pretzels, La Piccola Gelateria, Krazee Ice and Cantina Marina also join the stadium’s offerings. All nice places I’m sure, but I can’t wait until I’m at the game eating one of these:

(Photo via This is Gonna Be Good)

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  1. shatraw

    enjoy paying $9.50 for something at the stadium that you could pay $4 at the location near your apartment.

    i know whatever happens, you’ll be first in line for the $12 chipolte burrito at a sports complex near you!

  2. eddiebear

    Hey! I love Mayorga coffee! And they do great cigars as well.

    And Ben’s? It was a “better than …” moment to go there when I lived in DC. Five Guys? Don’t be hating, man! I worked a block from one at the Navy Yard. Those peanuts and the bag of fries with the grease dripping out of them? Good times!


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