Today we dive into the world of condiments and dips.

Would You Rather?

Option #1: You can never eat salsa again.


Option #2: You can never eat guacamole again.


Things to consider: Um, foods that you would eat salsa and guacamole with? Chips, burritos, tacos etc.

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25 Responses

  1. Daniel

    What an evil poll…. 2 of the finer condiments and you are forcing us to choose between the two. I only voted for salsa since overall it is a more versitile ingrediant.

  2. rossitron

    that’s a tough one. i think i chose salsa based on ease of preparation. you can get high quality salsa at the store, while you really can’t get high quality guac at the store. making good guac is more work. i probably eat more salsa in general anyways, so while i’d hate to give up guacamole, it loses out in the end.

  3. jw

    That looks like really good guacamole — and did you know that avocados are high in fiber?

  4. Anonymous

    Guacamole is clearly superior. I can’t imagine life without Rosa Mexicana’s guacamole…

  5. Eick

    I love guacamole as much as the next guy, but for me this is a no brainer given the prevalance of salsa at parties, restaurants etc. Any party or event you go to is probably going to have chips and salsa, almost never guacamole. Same with a mexican restaurant. Sure you can shell out extra for guac, and I sometimes do, but no more enjoying free chips and salsa when you sit down.

    Also, guacamole really has to be made fresh to be good, it’s pretty hard to find good, store bought guac. But you can find tasty salsa everywhere from Whole Foods to the shelf of a gas station. Plus, when you eat tacos and burritos, you going to have it with no salsa?

  6. Zenne

    Well, I can pretty much do without either one…I guess it’s more likely that I’ll eventually meet a salsa that I like, so out with guacamole! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Walter

    I’d have to say no to guacamole. Salsa in all of its tasty, spicy forms is wonderful.

    Well, except for this one local joint that serves what’s basically tomato sauce and cilantro, but still.

  8. shatraw

    salsa is PLAYED. that shit is watered down tomato central, unless you get some designer crap with is chock full of cilantro to make the water taste like spicy water. a testament to how boring salsa has become is the fact that it now needs a thousand new and interesting twists to make it good (mangos, peaches, opiates).

    whereas guac in it’s simplicity is tasty, cool and delicious. not to mention the bitchingest color green ever.

    down with salsa, ketchup and tomato slave-labor camps ’09!

  9. Cary

    SHATRAW, NO!!!

    there are so many variations to salsa. guac is guac. avocados, other fun things, and that’s it. BORING.

    tomatilla salsa? yum. habanero salsa? OWsome. freaking tostito’s junk salsa? great.

    salsa is daniel day-lewis, multi-faceted, able to don many masks convincingly. guacemole is dolph lundgren. you appreciate him for his artistry, but he can only play one character.

  10. shatraw

    salsa has to mask its bland, soupy nature behind those different variations. guac stands proudly on its own.

    is cilantro & onion a salsa?

  11. Cary

    Look, soupy salsa is horrible. Nothing is worse than cheap, watery tomato stuff. But I don’t eat that, and no one should be forced to. You’re just mistaking the low end of the illustrious spectrum of salsas as the end-all-be-all. Don’t be so narrow-minded.

    Also, avocado is high in calories.

    So there.

  12. Tom

    hmmm guacomole u can eat alot of and salsa if u eat alot u could get acid reflux… u really cant go wrong with guacomole. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Eileen

    Think about it: guacamole is more expensive than salsa. It’s kind of like why a Mercedes is more expensive than a Ford. Guacamole is the Mercedes of condiments.

  14. BS

    this is a good one – but it’s like shampoo and conditioner…salsa is a necessity, guac is a luxury.

  15. Youppi

    I know dibbes says guac, but I go salsa.

    salsa you can also use in, say, a spanish omelette. what else can you use guac in? aside from a sandwich, which you could use both, really…

  16. Brian

    I have to go with guacamole. Fresh, well made salsa is great, but guacamole is better. I can use guacamole on anything I would use salsa on. Salsa is guacamole’s bitch.

  17. Raiders757

    Guacamole can’t even hold salsa’s jock. No contest. There si so much that can be done with salsa, where as guacamole is just that, guacamole. Nasty tasting green crap.

  18. Jen

    Holy sh*t biscuits, people! You can make a guac walk and talk like a salsa, but you can NEVER make a salsa walk and talk like a guac. Keep the guac. Brian said it best, ” Salsa is guacamole’s bitch.”


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