I think it’s pretty funny.

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  1. Yeah, well....

    Yeah, it’s funny, there is truth in humor, but it’s not responsible as beer commercials go, it doesn’t promote responsible drinking, or responsible sex, quite the opposite. How many regretted one night stands or unplanned pregnancies can be chalked up to the abilities of beer goggles? This one should be saved for a Saturday Night Live version of a commercial, not regular television….

  2. Eick

    Right – well I’m pretty sure all the reasons you just listed were why it was a banned commercial, not one that actually aired.

  3. Briana

    Doesn’t promote responsible drinking? What world do you live in? One where you just take away all the funny commercials and then magically there’s no alcohol problems anymore? I guess it would be responsible if it showed a guy drinking a beer with his dinner. Oh wait, what if his family was there, that would be irresponsible. Maybe it should show someone drinking alone. No wait, that’s irresponsible too. Okay, it should just show a slow closeup picture of the beer bottle with the caption “Drink Responsibly”. Yeah, now that’s a commercial.

  4. shatraw

    sounds like this hit a little close to home for “yeah, well”. the real question is, is he/she a woeful drunk or a bitter fug?

    it’s not like the guy in the commercial hopped in his car and drove home or forced himself on the woman. lighten up…

    “responsible drinking” — hah. doesn’t exist. unless scientist have recently discovered that “responsible” way to inhibit one’s reflexes and impair one’s judgement. just because it’s legal doesn’t mean there is a right way to do it. the bottom line is one drinks to get drunk — or buzzed. but buzzed is drunk. so don’t responsible something that is inherently the opposite.



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