Wow. Seriously wow. This is NOT the kind of marketing campaign you would normally see a national chain attach themselves to.  Hardee’s is sponsoring a new online video series called “Slotcar.”  Each week there will be a new 1-2 minute video with cursing, over the top studio hosts. The videos are a clear satire of NASCAR and frankly, they’re pretty funny.  But since the videos feature hosts who call each other “pussy”, it’s somewhat surprising that Hardee’s has attached their name to it.

The videos are being hosted at a SlotcarTV channel on Funny or Die, and in just over 14 days the first two videos have about 200,000 views.  Brandweek suggests the ads might offend people in the south – maybe they will, maybe they won’t, the videos are clearly over-the-top satire.  Will this ad campaign backfire on Hardee’s? Or will it prove to be a very low cost way to get their name out their to younger consumers?

Check out the two videos below.

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