Back in May, I noted that Burger King had begun selling the Angry Whopper in Europe and questioned when we in America would get access to this delicious sounding burger. The answer: it has arrived.

As of January 5, 2009, you can now buy the Angry Whopper at Burger King until March 30.  So what is the Angry Whopper? It’s a Whopper with spicy crispy onions, jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, and spicy Angry Sauce. Yum. As I’ve said before, jalapeños and a little spice makes almost anything better, although I’m skeptical as to what exactly a “spicy crispy onion” is. Also, is the bacon really necessary? Wouldn’t this be just as good without it?

The new commercial for the Angry Whopper has to be one of my favorite Burger King commercials of late, featuring onions “born from fertile soil…but raised on anger” by, who else, a sadistic farmer.
It seems that Burger King is really going for that home-grown country feeling for this new Angry Whopper.


To promote it, Burger King has also created an Angry-Gram website, where you can fill out an “Angry-Gram” letting people know they annoy the hell out of you:

Others have already reviewed the Angry Whopper, giving it a 7 out of 10 and calling it “damn tasty.”  However, they note it wasn’t as spicy as they hoped:

The only anger I get from the Angry Whopper is the anger I feel for it not being spicy enough. The red Angry Sauce was more peppery than spicy, the onion rings tasted normal, and the pepper jack cheese produced jack shit in terms of spiciness. The pickled jalapeno was the only ingredient that produced any spicy heat.

On an angry scale of one to ten, with ten being Naomi Campbell beating your ass with a cell phone for not ensuring her Starbucks order was at her desired temperature of 63 degrees Celsius and one being an even-toned “I’m disappointed in you from your laid back parents who don’t really believe in discipline, the Angry Whopper was a three, or a quick Three Stooges-esque slap to the head.

I haven’t eaten a Whopper (or any fast food burgers for that matter) in ages, but I can’t wait to try one.

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  1. Cousin Eddie

    at 888 calories and 55+ grams of fat… I think I’ll settle for a one of those pomegranet smoothies.

  2. tupakapoor

    “Also, is the bacon really necessary? Wouldn’t this be just as good without it?”

    You must be vegetarian. Or retarded.

  3. Eick


    I am neither. This comment is only fueling the rage burning inside of me to finally complete my rant about how I’m done with bacon on burgers.

  4. Photoxris

    The angry whopper is the most overpriced, normal-tasting sandwich i’ve ever had. there’s nothing spicy about it —- and i’m a person who CANNOT handle spicy food. I just had to get it, though, because of all the funny marketing they went through. I thought “man i really need to at least try this sandwich!!!” Nothing… not even a sniffle. For $4 it should be spicy and tasty. It wasn’t any tastier than a normal cheeseburger, and it DEFINITELY wasn’t spicy at all. Lame, i want my money back.

  5. lyle

    Photoxris, did your sandwich not have jalapenos?! One jalapenos alone is enough to make it a little spicy.

  6. davelog

    Just had my first – and last – angry whopper. Echoing everyone else’s sentiments, not in the least bit spicy, even the jalapenos were weak and overpowered by the mayo and far-too-sweet angry sauce. The onions themselves tasted like normal non-bk onion rings. 10 out of 10 for advertising – love the ad – but 2 out of 10 for execution. I’m sticking with standard whoppers.

    p.s. bacon is always welcome.

  7. Monster_chef

    It was ok. It was spicy to a point. The jalapeños over powered everything else. The sauce had a bit of a kick, but the sweet was overpowered by the peppers. Cheese was a miss. The saltiness of the bacon, mayo, and the burger were the only other flavors that weren’t covered up by the peppers. I expected more. But got far less.

    Only thing angry is my stomach now.

  8. Muligatawni

    If you’re looking for a fastfood item that truly has some kick, try Carl’s Jr.’s Jalapeno burger or Jalapeno chicken burger… I have a decent tolerance to spice, and these sammiches made me sweat and reach for a beverage repeatedly.

  9. Michael

    Not spicy – Sherri the only way your mouth could be burning is if you kissed the grill they cooked it on. Sauce was a mild BBQ – cheese was not spicy. They make the burger look like you would need a giant mouth to eat it. I only had about 4 slices of onion rings. I asked for extra japs – might have gotten 10 or so. This is all hype no Bite.

  10. Maria

    I was expecting a very spicy burger, however it wasn’t spicy at all. I was very disappointed, as the commercials made it seem spicy. The angry sauce sucked ass & it was very sweet. If you want a good & spicy burger try Carl’s Jr. Jalapeño burgers, they’re the shit.

  11. andy's rev

    It was good–spicy enough for me–but
    no big deal-overpriced I like the Big and Tasty
    better at MCd’s. Felt the burger later though–
    for many hours as it ate up my stomach
    and gave me cramps. Maybe it was due to the
    fries and soda on top of it all. Wont eat again.

  12. harry hot pants

    this sandwich rocks! it’s very tangy and has a bit of kick to it, why would you want a sandwich that burns your mouth? It’s hot enough to have a good taste and it’s worth the money. If you say this sandwich is overpriced, maybe you shouldn’t be going out to eat and pack yourself a paper bag lunch you fools.

  13. Rev. T.W. Jenkins

    To whom it may concern:
    Sir, on March 25, 2009 I purchased the Angry Whooper at a Burger King located on Hwy. 60 (Adamo drive) in Brandon/Tampa Florida area.
    After eating the whooper within 10 minutes I broke out, all over my body with hives and bumps the size of a quarter. My face , arms, back, stomach, legs, fingers, etc… were all covered. I have never before had an allergic reaction from any of your whoopers. I would like to know what kind of hot peppers or sauce contained in the Angry whooper in order for me to avoid these peppers or sauces in the future. I would also like to know if any other customer or customers have contacted you with an allergic reaction to this whooper.
    Thanking you in advance,
    Pastor T.W. Jenkins

  14. Eick

    Rev. Jenkins, uh….I would recommend you contact Burger King directly instead of just leaving comments on a blog post about the Angry Whopper.

  15. Auston

    Dude, who the hell are you to say any burger is better without bacon? Every Carnivore knows that bacon is a delightful bonus to any burger. Also, use your common sense… What could a spicy crispy onion be? Hmm… Maybe it’s an onion that has a spice to it and crunches when you bite it. Like an onion ring or an onion straw. Your lack of intelligence and taste buds makes me wonder why you were chosen to write this article.

  16. Eick

    Who the hell am I to say something?

    I’m Eick, writer, publisher and owner of So Good, a food blog that is fun, that’s who.

    Who the hell are you? Oh right, I forgot, an anonymous commenter on a blog. Which clearly makes you more qualified than me.

    Also, the fact that you wonder why I was “chosen” to write this article shows a complete naivete about how a blog works. I write what I want, when I want.


  17. jake

    Its not super spicy, however burger king is a huge company and if they released something so spicy that it was inaccessible to most people and promoted it as much as they did the angry whopper, it would be a waste of money on marketing, the goal here is obviously money. however, I happened to like it quite a bit regardless.

  18. Madeline

    I just had one, ok but NOT worth 88O calories. Wish I had known that. I just noticed it on the list when I went to get a whopper, no onions or ketchup, extra pickle and, oh yes, bacon. Pissed off fries, how cute…


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