Merry Christmas to all my So Good readers! I hope everyone is having a terrific holiday. It’s been a couple months since we did a Would You Rather? so I figured I’d bust one out for Christmas.  This is not your usual “you can never eat X or Y again” question. Oh no. We jumbo sized this one to include 6 different Christmas foods.  In fact, this question goes back to the very first Would You Rather? we ever did, about Circus Peanuts and McRibs – namely, you have to finish a series of foods before getting out of a room.

Would You Rather?

You are locked in a windowless room with nothing but a chair, a table and a toilet. You cannot leave the room until you finish eating and drinking one of the two combination’s of food offered below:

Option #1: A 5 gallon tin of popcorn (cheese, butter & caramel), 50 gingerbread men cookies and 5 gallons of egg nog.

Option #2: 10 candy canes, 10 fruitcakes and 10 gallons of mulled cider.

Discuss. I don’t know which I’d pick here, so let me know your logic behind whichever option you select.

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27 Responses

  1. Ben

    Dipping the gingerbread men into the egg nog is tempting enough to outweigh anything from the second choice.

  2. Cassie

    I hate fruit cake and candy canes, but would rather wash them both down with cider rather than egg nog. The thought of that much egg nog makes me sick.

  3. leslie

    Bleck to candy canes, fruitcake, and mulled cider. I LOVE eggnog! And popcorn and gingerbread men are ok too. So my choice was easy. A tougher choice would have been:
    Option 1: frosted sugar cookies, fudge, pecan pie
    Option 2:homemade caramel corn, Harry & David Moose Mix, apple pie

  4. rossitron

    i could not, i would not, eat candy canes. too much unadorned (mostly) sugar. i’ve never had fruit cake to know whether to flee or fawn.

    savory snacks (popcorn in all forms) and sweet baked goods (cookies), on the other hand, make me giddy.

    i could go either way on mulled cider v. egg nog, so i’ll decide based on my taste in food.

    option #1 FTW!

  5. Brian

    I would have to go with option 2. I love candy canes and prefer cider to egg nog. I think I’ll do alright with the fruitcake.

    About 10 years ago I worked at a movie theater. I still despise popcorn. The stale, odd flavored popcorn you get in those tins is twice as bad as the movie theater stuff.

  6. Holly

    The fruitcake and cider sound almost good but the candy canes kill it for me – yuck! So, popcorn, cookies, and eggnogs. Yumm-o. Thanks for the suggestions … think I’ll go gorge.

  7. Eick

    I agree with most people that popcorn and gingerbread men are tasty, while candy canes and fruitcakes are generally gross.

    But has anyone here ever tried to drink 5 gallons of eggnog? I didn’t think so.

    Keep in mind, you are trapped in a windowless room. You could crush those fruitcakes and chug ten gallons of cider in one day if you wanted. You’d be shitting your brains out from that much cider, but you could do it.

    Try drinking a full gallon of egg nog in one day. I’m thinking the egg nog option is going to keep you in the room for at least 3-5 days.

    Something to consider, even if that’s the tastier of the two options.

  8. Vivien

    tri-flavour pop-corn, my favourite gingerbread, and egg-nog sound goods.

    Not a fan of fruit cake, and i guess i can let go of candy cane and mulled cider too

  9. rossitron

    haha, eick, i think you and your rational mind may be on to something:

    “…has anyone here ever tried to drink 5 gallons of eggnog? I didn’t think so. ”

    still, i didn’t get to be the person i am today by being completely rational or logical. give me the eggnog!!!

    p.s. i’ll take a barf bag, to-go.

  10. Nick

    Have to go with the egg nog. The fruit cake would just kill me. Also, the popcorn is nothing. I house one or two of those every holiday season – or at least it seems that way….

  11. Maria

    Is anyone watching? Because if they aren’t the toilet is a great place to dump a bunch of the eggnog/other things that can’t be eaten…

  12. Cousin Eddie

    I would die in that room, I read half of option 1 and threw up in my mouth. The only merit I see to option 1 is it’s 5 gallons of nasty thick vs 10 gallons of nasty sweet.

  13. Cary

    Woof. Eick, this isn’t even close. Even though people are initially excited about the idea of ‘nog, after the first gallon you would not be able to eat ANYTHING for the next day. Not to mention you would make a mess of the toilet.

    Combo 1 is a recipe of regret. As much as i hate fruitcake, i would go 2. And my teeth would HATE me for all the candy canes.

  14. Cary

    To further the toilet quotient, you’re mixing a heavy, creamy liquid in egg nog with half-digested corn shards (assuming you’re doing this at a reasonable pace). Just…think about that.

    Not even close. Number 2.

  15. Amanda

    I like the popcorn and gingerbread men more but that much eggnog is nauseating! I’d rather choke down the fruitcake with the cider. Plus the candy canes are less filling. Number two!

  16. Sharon

    I chose option A. I’m allergic to gingerbread men so there’s my out. Might not be through an exit door, but I’d certainly get out of there.

  17. Megan

    I love popcorn, I love gingerbread men… so I suppose I could cover the nauseating flavor of egg nog with two things I like. Fruitcake? No thanks. Nothing in this world could get me to eat that.

    And to those candy canes? not fair. How do 10 candy canes and 10 fruit cakes in any way compare to 5 gallons of popcorn and 50 cookies?!

    These are uneven by weight and mass distribution.

  18. Amber

    I’d probably have the caramel popcorn, and throw the rest out D:
    I’ve never had eggnog or cider before, but they sound gross.

  19. Ricky

    The eggnog did it in for me….I figure the fruitcake can sop up all the apple cider…no way could I drink that much eggnog.

  20. Jessica

    I don’t know. I like gingerbread men, but I don’t like eggnog, and I’m not a big fan of popcorn. So I guess I’d have to go with option #2..even though I’m not that fond of candy canes or fruit cake, its still better than eggnog and popcorn. LOL


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