The internet does not sleep for the holidays, and neither, apparently, do web-surfing reporters.  This morning I woke up to discover a nice mention of So Good in the Sun-Sentinel, a Florida newspaper that covers Broward, Palm Beach, Miami and Dade County.

So what did the Sun-Sentinel have to say?

The blog, by humorist Jon Eick, provides “an absurd look at the world of food.” Our favorite features are definitely “Would you rather …?” and “Rant!,” both easily found in the top right corner.

We knew this was our new favorite blog when we read the rant titled, “New Rule: Until I Have Actually Been to One, Sonic Must Stop Advertising on National TV.”

Awwwww, Sun-Sentinel, you guys are too kind.  Plus, you have good taste. The Sonic rant is my personal favorite.

Also, since I’ve chosen to not really pursue stand-up comedy in the past year, I am LOVING that I have successfully re-branded myself as a “humorist.”  I’ve said to the world, “hey, I don’t do stand-up, sketch or improv comedy these days, but I sit around and THINK of funny stuff. Therefore, I am a humorist.”

Deal with it world. Jon Eick, Humorist.

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