Pizza Hut has apparently decided to make a foray into the world of viral videos, enlisting Mediocre Films, the makers of the popular “Retarded Policeman” YouTube series.  Apparently associating with a company whose top videos use the term “retarded” isn’t really a concern of Pizza Hut, as they’ve had Mediocre Films produce three videos for them.

One of these videos is titled, “Kicked out of Pizza Place.”  As of this morning it has received almost 200,000 views in about 5 days.  The guys at Mediocre Films do good work – or I should say, they do funny work.  They have quite a few funny videos and the guys they use in their films are likeable and good at what they do.  The two guys that appear in this video for Pizza Hut have an amusing banter between them, similar to the guys in recent Sonic ads.

The premise of the video: a guy goes and sits in local pizza shops, then calls up Pizza Hut and has a pizza delivered to him while in another pizza shop.  The video is amusing although the premise is a little assholish – hey local pizza shop owner, I’m gonna order a shitty pizza instead of your own pizza! Haha!  While it’s nice to see Pizza Hut go a little cutting edge, there is essentially no brand visibility or even brand awareness in the ad.  Pizza Hut isn’t mentioned, and you only know he’s ordering a Pizza Hut pizza if you recognize the uniform of Pizza Hut delivery drivers. Check it out:

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  1. Kenneth

    I think this is awful. These guys are jerks, I am not sure why you see them as likable.

    If Pizza Hut wants to pick on someone, why not target their peers – Dominoes and crap like that – not the poor independent shop hurting for business during an economic downturn.

    Pizza Hut is awful, so I guess this should not surprise me.


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