One of the nice things about working for an internet company is that when people here have food related clients I get to try out new products. One of our latest campaigns is for the new Bertolli’s Oven Baked Meals.  I picked up three different packages, the Tri-Color Four Cheese Ravioli, the Chicken Parm & Penne, and the meal I ended up trying first, Meat Lasagna Rustico:

It had been a while since I had eaten lasagna, so I was actually really looking forward to the meal.  The bag called for a cooking time of around 45 minutes, so I took the food out and laid it in a baking pan.  I don’t know what I expected the frozen sauce to look like, but I was very amused by the little chunks of tomato sauce.

After 45 minutes in the oven and a few minutes to melt cheese on top, the lasagna was good to go.

The flavors were failrly solid and just meaty enough to be tasty without being TOO meaty.  It tasted like an above average cafeteria lasagna, which isn’t bad considering it’s a frozen meal.  The lasagna fed two of us, but only with a salad and a side of bread for each of us as well.  For about $8 retail it’s a decent, but not huge amount of food.  I’m looking forward to trying the ravioli, but if you’re making frozen meals a lot of it is probably about convenience for you.  Don’t look at the nutrition facts – there’s a fair amount of saturated fat, but if an easy to make meal that’s better quality than salisbury steak and a TV dinner is what you crave, the Oven Baked Meals are probably a decent call.

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  1. Cary

    Astronaut food, eick, you just ate astronaut food.

    The revolution is coming. Pretty soon we’ll being peeing into hoses and wearing 1-piece pajama suits with footies. The astronauts care not for our freshly prepared vittles.

  2. Darlene

    What a waste of money. 8 bucks for 2 pieces of lasagna that you have to cook yourself at home. I don’t see why anyone would buy this when you could make probably 6-8 servings for the same price if you were to make it yourself (not frozen). Ive stopped buying convenience foods and it’s amazing how much money you save, not to mention less waste for the environment.

  3. dglanan

    We bought this ridiculous item, and looking at the package we thought it would be enough for 2, but not only was it not enough there were two pieces of chicken all right, but one of them was 1/3 the size of a small chicken breast. This is one of the biggest gips that I have ever had pulled on me by manufacturers. I haven’t even tasted it and I’m already so mad I want to throw it out!!!

  4. Dot Gibson

    Can anybody Please tell me where I can find Bertollis Lasagna, I’m in Florida, Apollo Beach, it can’t be found in any stores here now From here to Brandon, we totally Love it can’t find for a year now, Can it be ordered on line??? somewhere??? Please Help!!!


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