Last week I watched the first two episodes of Man v. Food (off of my DVR…dumbasses scheduled it head-to-head with Top Chef) and enjoyed them quite a bit.  I plan on hitting up my DVR after Top Chef to watch the next two episodes tonight, where the host travels to Pittsburgh and Columbus.  Challenges tonight include eating a 1/2 dozen “Atomic Wings” in Pittsburgh, and eating a 2 1/2 pound sandwich called “the Dagwood” in under 30 minutes.  They also visit a famous Pittsburgh sandwich shop called Primanti Brothers, where the sandwiches are served with french fries and coleslaw – on the sandwich. Check out a clip from Primanti Brothers below:

Anyone catch the first two episodes of the show? Curious to see what people thought of last weeks show or the episodes on tonight.

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  1. Sean

    Now that you mentioned the show, I wish I did see it. As someone originally from there, I’ll watch any show that features or even shows a picture of Pittsburgh. Primanti Brothers is definitely a Pittsburgh treasure.

  2. Mrs. L

    I saw part of the one where he tried to eat the giant hamburger. Didn’t catch where it was but I did find the show kinda fun and plan on tuning in for future episodes.

  3. anthony quach

    adam, u a such a food fanatic. U rule man.i hope u win your next match dude. Man v.s Food rules!

  4. Johnny

    The giant Hamburger was in Florida. I look forward to a great relaxing eating fest after Afghanistan tour……See you soon Pittsburgh

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