Beloved soda company Jones Soda has apparently decided to not release a 2008 Holiday, Christmas or Chanukah pack like they have in years past. The company that brought us Turkey & Gravy and Christmas Ham soda is, instead, selling four-packs of three new holiday flavors, Candy Cane, Pear Tree and Mele Kalikimaka (a pinneapple & coconut combo).  Last year’s 2007 Chanukah and Christmas packs are still being sold through the website. For those who aren’t up on their Jones Soda, lets take a trip down memory lane back to 2007:

2007 Chanukah pack flavors: Chocolate Coins, Applesauce, Latke and Jelly Doughnut.

2007 Christmas pack flavors: Sugar Plum, Eggnog, Christmas Tree and Christmas Ham.

Lovers of Jones Soda seem none too pleased with the decision, with a number of them leaving comments on the Jones website:

like everyone eles i find it disturbing to find no holiday pack this year! You really blew it!

It is a shame that Jones Soda did not release Holiday Pack for this year. We were planning our thanksgiving party around it since last year. We are really really disappointed with your decision.

A Christmas tradition has now been destroyed! Every year for the last 3 years, we have had a group of friends in to watch Christmas movies and then experience the awesome horror of the holiday pack. It was a bonding experience filled with laughter.

and perhaps most harsh of all:

It’s a shame that poor lil Timmy won’t be getting a gift this year from Toys for Tots because Jones Soda failed him. They failed him by completely destroying the Holiday Pack to where it is now simply an average soda with no unique qualities. Thanks Jones.

Ouch. Damage control time for Jones Soda?

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  1. Hillary

    Wow, I was totally unaware of these crazy flavors they made. Cool! Maybe I’ll buy a Hannukah pack even though it’s so last year…

  2. Ros

    I’ve had the Candy Cane before – they sold it last year as well… quite minty and surprisingly amazing.

  3. Steve Tanner

    Jones laid off 40% of their employees a few months ago. They’ve made some poor business decisions, such as attempting to move into the canned beverage market, which as come back to hurt them. My gut is that the loss of the Christmas Packs is associated with that.

  4. brandy

    anyone have a bottle of candy cane flavor with my label on it? it will say brandy next to the photo. its a picture of my christmas tree with stockings on the wall.


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