Man v. Food is a new show on the Travel Channel that premieres tonight (Wednesday, December 3) at 10 pm.  The premise is the show’s host, Adam Richman, travels to American cities in search of the biggest, baddest and most iconic meals that city has to offer.

Season One will see him head to Atlanta, Chicago, Memphis, Boston, Texas, Pittsburgh, New York City, Columbus, Ohio, New Orleans, Seattle, Portland, St. Louis, Denver, Los Angeles and San Jose.  After discovering the foods that make those cities tick, the premise of the show is that Adam will then take on whatever is considered to be the area’s toughest food challenge. Whether it’s devouring the Sasquatch burger in Memphis, the atomic hot wings platter in Pittsburgh, or a 13-pound pizza in Atlanta.

There is a 2-minute clip from the show up on YouTube already, check it out below:

So will I be watching? Hell no. Not that I have any problem with the premise of the show, but the scheduling geniuses at Travel Channel decided to put a new program about FOOD head-to-head with Top Chef? Idiotic. Travel Channel has plenty of non-food related shows they could have put in this timeslot instead. Breakout your Tivo if this show sounds interesting (I may record it myself), but I can’t imagine any Top Chef fans (which is a large segment of foodies and food bloggers) are going to be ditching their favorite show to accomodate Man v. Food.

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