We bash and mock food companies quite a bit around here, and rightly so, there are a lot of terrible and ridiculous marketing decisions that get made by corporate America. But sometimes, a company actually listens to what consumers are saying, understands the problems people are complaining about, and addresses them.  Such is the case with the recent decision by Dr. Pepper to extend the deadline to get a coupon for a free soda.

Back in late March, Dr. Pepper offered a free soda to everyone in America if Guns ‘n Roses released their long overdue album, Chinese Democracy, by the end of the year.  After it was announced that November 23rd would be the release date, Dr. Pepper announced that the coupon giveaway for a free soda would occur on that same day.  Consumers could go to its website, enter their e-mail address, and receive a coupon for a free Dr. Pepper.  There were a few problems with this offer.  For starters, the Dr. Pepper website was repeatedly crashing yesterday, Examiner.com reported:

“Dr.Pepper” was the 4th most searched for term on google today, followed by “dr pepper chinese democracy” as the 5th, and other variations taking up the 6th, 8th, 9, and 10th spots.

The other problem with this offer is that Dr. Pepper had said they would give a free soda to “everyone” in America.  But with this announcement, it became clear that what they really meant was “everyone with an e-mail account”, which frankly, cuts a lot of poor and working class people who may not have e-mail addresses out of the process.  Not to mention, what about all the people who don’t have internet access on a Sunday?

Rather than be hard-headed about this though, Dr. Pepper realized their error, and announced that they will be extending their offer until 6 PM TODAY.  They have also set up a phone line for people without internet access or an e-mail address to call.  So if you still haven’t applied for your free soda, head over to Drpepper.com or call 1-888-377-3773 by 6 PM tonight.

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  1. Hillary

    Yea, I definitely tried on Sunday when it was crashing – I couldn’t get in, so I gave up. Too bad I just saw your post NOW! 🙂


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