Yep, in the mail a couple days ago, I received a Bacon Lovers Gift Pack. A gift, from the Bacon Salt guys, Dave & Justin.  Thanks guys!

The gift pack includes a jar of Baconnaise, Original Bacon Salt and 5 new Limited Edition flavors of Bacon Salt (Cheddar, Jalapeno, Applewood, Maple and Mesquite). As a big fan of the Original, Peppered and Hickory Bacon Salt, I can’t wait to try these new flavors.

I admit that I immediately smelled and tasted a tiny bit of the Baconnaise, but I’m waiting to try it with a couple different foods before I write my full review.  It looks like Mad Meat Genius has already weighed in with the first review.

Perhaps the most bizarre creation in the gift pack? Bacon Lip Balm.

Of course I had to immediately try it.

Pros: They NAILED the bacon flavor.  If you took a piece of freshly cooked bacon and rubbed it all over your lips, this is what it would taste like.

Cons: They NAILED the bacon flavor. Yes, this is also a con. If you’ve never experienced the omni-present taste of bacon smeared all over your lips, let me tell you something: it’s not pleasant. I spent the next 5 minutes trying to get the taste of bacon off my lips.

I can’t wait to try all those new Bacon Salt flavors though!

Keep an eye out for my Baconnaise review later this week.

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