My friends over at A Hamburger Today and Serious Eats have assembled something so genius it even rivals my pulled pork cheese steak creation.  What is this glorious creation? The Hamburger Fatty Melt.  A burger patty with two grilled cheese sandwiches serving as the buns.

Apparently it’s a slight variation on something called the “Chubby Melt” which a Serious Eats reader noted was served at the Mossy Creek Cafe.  My hat is off to you A Hamburger Today and Serious Eats.  Well Done.  Well done indeed.

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  1. Nell

    Yes, but with all the buttery, crusty goodness brought to you in not one, but two, grilled cheese(s). I’m in love!

  2. Grimace

    If you are really gonna call it a fatty melt – you gotta cheese that burger too, bro. And NO TOMATO. What is this? Amateur hour?

  3. anna

    Oh wow… I know it’s SO wrong (party because it’s currently only 9.15am here, but mostly cos of the amount of bad stuff in that thing) but I am now craving one of these babies like you wouldn’t believe!

  4. calexander13

    Wow, that is a fantastic idea. Also, I agree, lose the tomato. I will be too busy enjoying the cheese, beef and butter to make room for a fruit/vegetable.


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